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Switzerland is a terrific country to visit whilst on holiday. That being said, Switzerland is quite expensive to travel to because the standard of living is quite expensive there. For this reason, it is important to anticipate the additional cost when travelling to Switzerland in order to have enough capital to truly enjoy every moment of your vacation in Switzerland. Switzerland has its own currency called the Swiss Franc. Before departing, it is important to figure out the proper exchange rate between GBP to CHF in order to buy Swiss Francs. Be sure to utilize Travel FX and No 1 Currency Travel Money as the best to providers that sell Swiss Francs. Once you have acquired your required amount of currency for your upcoming holiday, consider this list of the five best places to visit in Switzerland:

5 Best Places to Visit in Switzerland

5 best places to visit in switzerland. mountain view

1. Matterhorn, Zermatt:

This mountain is a stunning place to visit in Switzerland that receives thousands of visitors per year. It is 4,478 metres high and creates a spectacular challenge for those that visit it. It is one of the top places to hike in the Summer and conversely, one of the best places to snowboard in the Winter. For those that are less active, there are several cable cars to take up and enjoy the scenery from up high.

2. Bern:

Bern is one of the most well preserved historic cities in Switzerland. Contrary to many traveller’s beliefs, it is actually the capital city of Switzerland. The Historic City Centre actually has obtained a nomination for a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to how perfectly intact the city currently is. The city is full of small cobblestone streets, sensational restaurants that are all situation with waterfront views. This combined, with the historic architecture, makes Bern one of Switzerland’ best cities to travel to whilst on holiday in the Summer or Winter.

3. The Rhine Falls:

Many tourists are unaware that one of Europe’s largest waterfalls is actually located in Switzerland. This is precisely why it is important to pay the Rhine Falls a visit. Travellers can arrange to get a boat ticket and ride up close to the waterfall. The scenery surrounding the waterfall is a local small Swiss town, which makes the site an easy day trip to see more of Switzerland from Zurich. For nature lovers, it is absolutely recommended to visit the Rhine Falls just after the snow melts in the Winter in order to see the waterfall at one of its most powerful stages.

4. Lugano:

Unbeknownst to many, Switzerland has four official languages to include: English, French, German, and Italian. Specifically referring to the Italian section, there are several small towns to venture to in order to experience the Italian influence in Switzerland. Lugano is a little town that is full of Italian-style villas and restaurants. Since Lugano is directly in front of Lake Lugano, it attracts celebrities and high-profile guests from around the world looking for a retreat in a picturesque sight in the Summer.

5. Lake Geneva & Surrounding Cities:

Lake Geneva is a gorgeous place to visit that has great views with chateaus surrounding the lake. There are also several vineyards in this region, which have developed into a successful wine tasting route. For travellers that are foodies looking for a gorgeous locale to visit, Lake Geneva and the surrounding cities is a great place to enjoy as a stop on your Swiss holiday in the Summer.

In Conclusion…

Switzerland is surely one of the most beautiful countries to visit in Europe. It is highly recommended to at least plan to take a two-week holiday when visiting Switzerland if possible. This way, you will really have time to experience as much of the country as possible. Be sure that you plan to take enough currency with you when travelling in Switzerland due to the high cost of living there that also reflects on the tourism industry. Make sure that you are aware that the Swiss Franc is harder to acquire than most other major currencies, which is why it is best to utilize Travel FX and No 1 Currency rates as the places to exchange CHF to GBP. If you plan your finances well and take the aforementioned recommendations into account, you will absolutely have a wonderful and rewarding holiday in Switzerland.




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