Working from home is a great way to manage your work-life balance. With no commute and the ability to dictate your own working hours in many jobs, it can be a fantastic way to look after your family whilst also earning an income. Plus, you get the chance to design your very own home office. Read on to get some top tips to get you started.

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Home offices have a tendency to become magnets for paper. People often neglect to think about how they will store paper in their new office and so they end up with stacks dotted around, spoiling the aesthetics of their new room. Many opt for filing cabinets to solve this problem, but these can look dull and boring. Instead, why not invest in some wall storage solution, these can look stylish, help free up space in your room and also help you see at a glance exactly what you have to work through?


You should always try and add some greenery into your home office. Using plants gives you something interesting to look at and adds to the appeal of your room but they also help to improve the air quality. Plants are also known to increase personal well-being. They help to reduce stress and increase productivity. It makes sense to make sure that you include some in your new room.

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You will also need to think hard about what stationery you will need to get the job done. The last thing that you want is to get started only to find that you can’t get certain tasks done because you don’t have the right supplies. Make a list of all the tasks that you will need to do as part of your job. Then break these tasks down so that you can see exactly what stationery you will need to complete them. Make sure that you have a supply of everything from C6 envelopes to staples so that you don’t have to put up with downtime once you get started.

Make it comfortable

You will need a desk in your home office and you should make sure this is comfortable for you ergonomically. This means making sure that your chair and the height of your computer are adjusted correctly so that you are sitting in a comfortable position all day. You might also want to think about adding a comfy area into the decor of your home office. This would mean creating a separate space that you could use when you are not doing computer work. Add in a throw, some pillows and you can create yourself a space to take breaks during the day.

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Hide cables

Cables really ruin the appeal of an office. If you are running an office in your home, you want it to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Think about running a power strip behind your computer so that you can hide as many cables as possible. You could also look for creative ways to hide other things that you don’t enjoy looking at. Everything in your room should bring you pleasure to help improve your productivity.

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How to create a great home office space that is a joy to work in



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