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Our home is the place we all work hard to ensure is a safe place for our family to live and grow in. But many of us also take pride in how our home looks. Anyone with kids will appreciate that the “showhome” days of your house looking clean and tidy ready for guests at a moment’s notice are a thing of the past. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t all be a little house-proud.

Some people choose to reflect their aspirations through the styling of their home. Paying particular attention to the colour scheme and knick knacks they proudly display throughout their home. Other people choose to take on bigger projects with their house by renovating them completely, doing things like extensions and knocking down walls.

However, creating that forever home requires you to think about all sorts of other aspects, including your growing family. Whether that includes children right now, when they are young or toddlers, or even as they grow into teenagers. So I thought it would be worthwhile to share with you some of the ways you can renovate your forever family home while still taking into consideration your family and the changing dynamics. Maybe this will inspire you to take on a future project or help with something you already have ongoing.  You can also get some inspiration from these homes in Square One.

renovating a forever home


Consider your budget

Renovating a house not only takes a lot of time but it can also dwindle your finances quicker than you thought possible. That is why it is essential to make sure you have a budget in place before you begin any renovations. This is important when you have a family, as we all know with children there is always something they need for things like schooling or extracurricular activities. Not to mention growing out of shoes at a rapid rate.  A budget will help you keep in line with your commitments, as well as allocating different amounts for different parts of the project. It isn’t just the initial outlay of buying the house that you have to consider. While it may not be a specific point to make in regard to making your home family friendly, it’s an essential part of renovating a home, so it was always worth a mention.

renovating a forever home


Your layout is very important

When renovating a property, you may get the opportunity to change the layout of the house. This allows you to make the space internally work for you and your family. Perhaps you like the idea of having a living and dining space off your kitchen, then knocking a particular wall down could help you create the space you crave. Maybe you prefer to have separate rooms for things, then adding walls could be your answer. All of which are easy to sort if you happen to be good at DIY. If not you could employ the services of a reputable builder who will advise exactly what you can and can’t do. As long as they are not supporting walls, you can change the dynamic of your home very easily. Making it a family friendly space.

What about your outside space

Outside space is just as important as your internal layout. Having a garden or outside area that the whole family can enjoy will be a priority for you. After all, we may not get the sunshine throughout the year, but we all know the value of fresh air for young children especially. You could consider a decked area giving you the perfect place for a seating area. Or why not try out the artificial grass, allowing your garden to look great throughout the whole year.

renovating a forever home


Plumbing and heating is a big one

Some of the biggest jobs you may face in your renovation project is the plumbing and heating side of things. I think we can all agree that hot water and heating is important for a family, if not for your own sanity when you want to relax and unwind in the bath on a Friday evening. This is when you may want to consider employing experts to ensure that all pipework is fitted correctly. However, you can add a lovely stylish touch to your heating system by opting for alternative radiators. Maybe you like the idea of wall mounted chrome radiators for bathrooms or traditional column radiators found here for your living spaces. They can add a touch of chic to your renovation project once all the hard work has been completed.

Upgrade the electrics and future proof your home

As your children get older, there is no doubt that they have an interest in all things electrical. Think your iPad’s, television and signal strength for your phone. Even toddlers know their way around YouTube these days. So during your renovation, you may want to take these factors into consideration. Installing a fast speed internet connection could be your first port of call. You could also boost your signal strength in your home if you happen to live in an area that doesn’t have the best telephone signal. If you are considering how your home looks then hiding wires in the walls and skirting boards is an option to give the impression that your items are wireless. You may also want to consider wall mounted televisions and creating brackets and spaces for these during the renovation process will save you a lot of mess and hassle in the future. However, some of the most basic things to remember that older properties will need wiring and electrics upgraded due to changes in legislations as the years go by. Again, it is wise to enlist the help f the professionals to avoid any DIY disasters.

renovating a forever home


Consider environmentally friendly options

A lot of people are considering environmentally friendly options to heat and supply energy to their home, amongst other things. So during your renovation, you may want to consider these options. This could potentially future-proof your home for your children in years to come. One of the first things to consider would be solar panels. These can power your electrical items and even heat your water supply, and it can cost a fraction of the price of standard electric. Meaning more money saved and invested for your family’s future. Other things to consider would be different waste disposal methods or even collecting rainwater in a container. This is perfect for watering the plants and can even be something the children can get involved in.

Add value by extending

Extensions are a great way to add value to a property, and there are a few different ways you can do it. One of the first and popular options is to consider adding a conservatory or orangery to your home. These let in a lot of light and more often than not are used as additional seating areas or even play rooms for children. Giving them direct access to the outside on a warmer day. Another option would be to physically extend the property with brick or stonework, matching your current property look. A lot of people tend to add additional space to their kitchens creating a living and dining area as well, or use it as a chance to create a whole new room for different uses. Other extensions including creating extra bedrooms on the first floor by going over existing garages, or heading into a loft space and creating a further bedroom on a different floor entirely. This allows you to make a property work for you and even grown with your family as it evolves. Many people consider this type of renovation if they love the house and the area they live in but require more space for their growing family.

renovating a forever home


Flooring and lighting could transform the space

The flooring choice and lighting is a great way to make your renovation project family friendly. A good option would be to consider wooden flooring throughout because this is an easy to clean surface while still looking super stylish. Lighting is another way you can transform the look of your home. If you are considering selling the property in the future, then clean and modern finishes will always be favoured. Carpets however always work well on things like staircases and hallways. Some people even consider keeping carpets in their bedrooms, stating that this makes the room feel cosy. Of course, these are finishing touches, and you should consider what would work for you and your family.

Decorate it the way you like

Finally,  if this is to be your forever home, then you can decorate it however you see fit. If you love your bold and bright colours, then go crazy. As it is a family home, another thing to think about would be having a play room or area in your home for the children. A great addition would be something like a chalk paint wall, where your children can be creative without causing any further mess to your home. The beauty of a renovation project that you plan on staying in, as that you can make the space work for you.

I hope this has inspired you to consider a project in the future.




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