Leash training is a skill. It is something that needs to be nurtured over time. Dogs do not innately know how to politely and nicely walk on a leash. Therefore, you need to dedicate valuable time to helping your pet to walk nicely, safely and politely on a leash. The good thing is that there are different steps for helping authentic dogs how to make your dog respect you Every step is crucial in making your dog master good leash habits and skills. 

A dog with excellent leash skills is safe to walk around with at home, in the park, to the vet and on vacation. Therefore, you must know what to and what not to do to teach your dog to walk nicely on a leash. 

How to teach your dog to walk nicely on a leash: Before Training

  1. Get the right leash that will fit your dog nicely for enhanced safety. 
  2. Have the best treats. 
  3. Identify a good marker for appreciation, this can be ‘there you go, good job, yes or nice’.

How to teach your dog to walk nicely on a leash: During Training

Make your sessions positive and short 

For the best results during leash training, ensure your sessions are short and positive. You can have the dog walk on the left or the right side based on your preference. Most importantly, the side that the dog stays on should be consistent. It helps to make the sessions safer for all especially as the dog runs back and forth. 

dog walk nicely on a leash

Use treats during training. Do not exceed an hour while training. 

Avoid Pulling 

Avoid pulling at all times. Capture and appreciate the dog’s positive behaviour first. If the dog turns back, be patient and help him to keep up with the training. Mark and reward every time the leash goes slack. 

dog walk nicely on a leash

If the dog loves to pull, convince him to walk politely. Use gestures to show the dog that pulling is harmful. What’s more, let the dog know that there are no treats and rewards for pulling. You can play a statue if the dog pulls. 

Let the Dog Walk by Your Side 

A dog can walk nicely on one of your sides, the left is the most traditional. It will be much easier and a lot of fun to let the dog walk on the left. This minimises weaving back and forth or running in circles as you train. If the dog wanders in circles or back and forth, try to keep the leash short enough so that you can control it. 

dog walk nicely on a leash

With a short leash, the dog cannot wander around. It also keeps it in the right position that prevents pulling and dragging. 

Lure the dog to the correct side with treats. If the dog remains on the left for a couple of minutes, reward the good behaviour and encourage more of it. 

When the dog responds well by staying on the left side for long, give a treat for the major steps it makes. Increase treats based on the distance walked while staying on the left. You can also give it more of the leash as long as it doesn’t wander around in circles. 

More Rewards

When you teach your dog to walk nicely on a leash it can be wanting. However, with these steps, your task will be simpler and fun. You need to have more treats and high-value options including jerky dog treats, cheese, hot dogs and other favourites. Teach the dog to walk by himself before the walk, avoid pulling and reward for any good behaviour before, during and after leash training sessions. 

It is also recommendable that you use a snap collar, martingale collar or a buckle collar. They are effective and safe to use during leash training. What’s more, training with the collar helps the dog to understand when you are telling it not to pull.

Any tips you would recommend to teach your dog to walk nicely on a leash? 




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