One of the biggest perks of modern working is the increasing availability of work-from-home options. In fact, businesses everywhere are starting to realise that allowing staff to work remotely is beneficial to both sides.

If you find yourself working from home often, you may well have created an office area within your house. Since you’re spending plenty of time in there, you’ll want to create a space that you can both enjoy and be productive in, so here are a few ideas to make it as welcoming as possible.

A Homely Feel

A good home office successfully bridges the gap between the comforts of the rest of your home and the professional, sometimes cold setup of the office. It needs to be a place that you want to spend time in, but one where you feel you can get things done.

The Cotswold Company stock an office range that should help you create a practical working environment that enjoys the added benefits of a homely feel. Their range spans classically and tastefully styled desks, filing cabinets, chairs and plenty more.

By incorporating stylish, comfortable design with modern functionality, you’ll be able to find the right middle ground between work and play.

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Make it Clutter Free

The negative effects of a messy home on an individual’s mental health are well documented, and it’s true that a tidy home equals a tidy mind. Even if you can’t be bothered to keep the rest of the house clean and tidy, your home office should be clutter free at the very least.

There’s plenty of inspiration online around stylish storage. Ideas include modular shelving, bespoke designs and quirkier options like peg boards and storage feature walls. The good news is it’s your home, so you can choose a solution to suit your tastes.

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Set the Tone

One of the keys of interior design is picking the right colourways to suit the mood you want your room to have, and a simple splash of colour can push your office in the right direction.

You know what sort of environment you work best in, and you have the opportunity to create that within your home. Pastel blues for a calm atmosphere, inviting reds for a cosier setting or jolts of purple and yellow to get the mind firing; the world is your oyster.

Creating the right home office should be a fun experience. You get to add a new element to your home, control the design process and build the most productive working environment possible.

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Get the setup right, and you can get the most from both home and work life, and enjoy the flexibility of an improved work-life balance.

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How to Cosy Up Your Home Office.  Create a work space that you can enjoy and be productive in, in your home.



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