As an avid traveller who loves to see the world, I’m always keen to talk about my love of experiencing new things and exploring new places.

Another way that I like to share my love of travel and passion for culture is through interior design. To do this, I’ve transformed my home into a space where my love for the world and exploring it is front and centre for all to see.

A love of travel can be expressed in your home by more than just strategically placing souvenirs around your property. Read on to see some of the ways I’ve learned to show my love of travel through my home and turned my personal space into a haven that represents me and the places I love to visit.

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Learn About International Interior Design

When you’re looking to show your love of travel in your home, one of the first things you should do is find out more about the interior design practices and trends from around the world. Even if, like me, you’ve had the privilege of visiting lots of countries and staying in properties around the world, you still need to find out more about the ways in which these spaces are furnished and decorated. You can learn the secrets behind the beauty you’ve always admired, and then apply these principals to your own space. 

Theme Rooms Around The Places You’ve Visited

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed many great opportunities to see some of the world’s most spectacular countries, regions, natural wonders and man-made monuments. A great way to immortalise these experiences is to theme rooms around specific countries and cultures. From having a chic French themed kitchen to making your bedroom Japanese inspired, there are many ways you can theme your space around your travels, and this approach will ensure that you’re able to enjoy your fond memories of life on the road long after you’ve returned home.   

Put The World On Your Walls

Map mural wallpaper is an innovative way to show your love of travel and make a feature in your home for everyone to enjoy. You can point out the places you’ve been to your guests and easily show them the distance between different destinations to help plan unforgettable trips. Providers like Wallsauce offer a range of colours, materials and textures, meaning that you can find the option that suits you and your home’s aesthetic. You can even grab 10% off at Wallsauce if you sign up to their newsletter which helps make the purchase even more justifable. 

Follow International Interior Design Influencers Online To Get Inspiration

If you don’t have time to keep returning to the place that you want to emulate, or just need a little extra inspiration, then follow interior design influencers from around the world on social media. They showcase some of the latest trends and ideas on their channels, meaning that you can get exciting new ideas from different people in the countries you love, wherever you are. Most influencers also offer advice and information on how you can emulate their photos, so you can learn more about how to use international techniques and design trends to your advantage.

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Don’t Forget The Kitchen And Bathroom

Designing a beautiful bedroom or living room is easy but creating unique bathroom and kitchen spaces can be much harder. Incorporate your love of travel into every space in your home so you create a cohesive design that everyone will admire and be inspired by. In your kitchen and bathroom, items like tiles can make a statement and show your love for a certain place or style of décor.

Focus On The Floor

In many cultures around the world, the floor is an important part of any home, with some people choosing to sit, eat and even sleep close to the ground. As such, it’s important that you don’t overlook the floor of your home and create a space that you and your guests can feel comfortable on so you can embrace other cultures and their ways. Explore the use of flooring options in other countries and see if you can use them in your home to make your floor a more hospitable place.

Fabric Is A Quick And Easy Way To Transform A Room

Not every change to your home’s design needs to be drastic; one easy way to make your home reflect your love of travel is to use fabrics and patterns. There are a variety of different fabrics from around the world, each with a unique history and cultural significance, so you can fill your home with stunning pieces of textile artistry that represent the adventures you’ve experienced throughout your life so far. Whenever you visit any new country or city, take a walk through the markets, as there are usually loads of amazing fabrics on offer here, so you can find something truly authentic that will make your home look incredible and pay homage to your trip.

Stay Away From Tourist Tat

Around the world there are vendors and shops selling cheap, mass-produced souvenirs. If you’ve travelled widely then you’ll know what I mean; the cheap items like ashtrays and bowls with country or city names on them that are designed to be given away as gifts. These items look tacky and will instantly be recognised by any seasoned traveller as a sign that you’ve not really engaged with and embraced local culture, so avoid displaying it in your property.

Never Be Afraid To Take Risks

Throughout my travels, the most important life lesson I’ve learned is that you should never be scared to make a change and jump straight into something. Not every risk pays off, but if they do then they’re definitely worth it. So, if you’re thinking of making a big change to your home and aren’t sure, just jump in and do it. As long as it won’t cause permanent structural damage, then you can always change your design at a later date, so it’s worth taking the risk to see if you create something that you love for your home. It may be painting a room a colour you’re unsure of or purchasing a bold new piece of furniture. Whatever it may be, if you really want to do it then go for it. The worst that can happen is that you hate the look of it and have to revert to the way it was before.

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Look For Inspiration Everywhere

It’s remarkably easy to design your home around the world’s most popular buildings in the world, but you should look far and wide for inspiration if you really want to show that you’re a dedicated traveller and world explorer. Personally, I love to look for inspiration for new designs for my home everywhere I visit. Be it a cheap hostel or a luxury villa, I take a look at everything and try to think about how it can be applied to my life. As such, my home is eclectic and filled with unique items that represent my love of travel and commitment to constantly broadening my horizons.

Transforming your property into a space that represents your love of travel is a great way to make yourself feel at home, so follow these tips to create a home that shows your passion in all its glory.

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