Europe is hardly a place that is seldom visited. There’re many popular destinations, and a plethora of cities that serve as the obvious choices for a fun holiday. However, the usual suspects provide an experience every holiday goer can expect, and that key sense of spontaneity and uniqueness required for a perfect trip isn’t quite present.

That said, there’re some cities in Europe that’re not visited quite as much but are still just as capable of providing a memorable experience. Whether you want excitement and adventure or relaxation and tranquillity, some lesser known European cities offer it all, and travel experts like Exodus can help you get there easily and affordably.

Consequently, here’re three cities in Europe that you might not have thought of visiting, but of course, should!

Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia, and it’s a city that focuses on greenery and environmental health. Therefore, it’s not your typical urban environment that’s bleak, dirty and packed full of pollution; instead it’s spacious and colourful, with clean air in abundance. The traffic you’d expect to see in any other city is instead restricted to the centre, keeping the outlying areas immaculate, quiet and peaceful.

There’s also plenty of opportunity for fun too. Terrace seating along the river in summertime, bustling central markets, towering castles to view and explore; it’s all here. Moreover, the city also has extremely useful bus and train connections to further places like Radovljica, a tranquil town with an enthralling medieval aesthetic and history, as well as a bevy of intriguing museums. In Ljubljana, you’re at the stimulating epicentre of Slovenia.

Cities in Europe That You Might Not Have Thought of Visiting

Riga (Latvia)

Latvia is a country that is bursting at the seams with fascinating history and experiences, and Riga, the country’s capital and largest cityscape in the Baltic states, perfectly represents that fact. Here you’ll find seemingly no end to the museums and concert halls, and the entire city revolves around a sense of looseness and creativity. Ultimately, there’s a real artistic undercurrent in Riga.

For example, the Arsenāls Exhibition Hall is very ideal for a visit, and here you can discover both local and international art exhibitions. There’s also a bevy of modern art centres and cool, swanky bars to give you that punchy, cultural feel that the best cities often provide. There’s always something stimulating on display in Riga!

Podgorica (Montenegro)

Sticking with the capital city selections here, Podgorica is Montenegro’s main urban offering. Due to the fallout of WWII, much of Montenegro was rebuilt in a fresh image. As a result, most of the buildings appear to be fairly modern, offering something truly different to the more historical cities of Riga and Ljubljana. Still, that’s not to say that it doesn’t provide any notable experiences in terms of culture and history, with numerous monuments and museums dotted around.

However, it’s in terms of nature that Podgorica really shines. One would think that urban environments and nature don’t quite mix well, but Montenegro’s capital dares to make some moves here. There’re plenty of nearby national parks to get immersed in, like Park Forest Gorica, a beach which is a mere 40-minute drive away, as well boat trips on the Moraca River (which flows right through the middle of Podgorica) or Skadar Lake. For that sense of freedom and activity, Podgorica is the perfect city destination.

Cities in Europe That You Might Not Have Thought of Visiting

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Cities in Europe That You Might Not Have Thought of Visiting.  Including Ljubljana, Riga and Podgorica. Travel the road untravelled. #travel #europeandestinations



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