Pizza is a must-have food on the menu of most fast food lovers. Even for those who are not into fast foods, it’s still a delicacy for many around the world. The crust along with the spread of sweet tomato sauce and cheese and other ingredients makes it a delicious addition to your snacks. But, these ingredients have made it to be labelled as an unhealthy food since it can contain high amounts of calories, sodium and carbs.

There may be certain types of pizza that are unhealthy and less processed types that can be nutritious but the key is to limit pizza consumption to at least a few times per month. You can still enjoy a bite of your favorite type of pizza if you know how to make it healthier. Many people who are into dieting often wonder if they can eat pizza while dieting. At you can find out how to enjoy this food while maintaining a healthy diet. If you are a pizza lover who wants to enjoy pizza more frequently and in a healthy way, here’s how to make pizza healthy. 

pizza healthy

Make homemade pizza

A frozen pizza or any other type of pizza that you buy from a fast-food restaurant has various ingredients of different quantities that you have no control over. A homemade pizza enables you to pick the ingredients you want and remove any that you feel should not be included.

Choose healthy toppers

Once you’ve made your homemade pizza determine the toppings to use. Also, when buying from a fast food joint, ensure that the toppers you choose are healthy with unsweetened sauce and healthy toppings like sundried tomatoes, broccoli, chicken, garlic, roasted squash or meaty mushrooms. For homemade pizzas make some homemade sauce which usually contains fewer amounts of sodium and other preservatives.

Choose whole ingredients

Whether you are making homemade pizza or purchasing a pizza, ensure that it contains whole ingredients by checking the product ingredient lists. Avoid buying crust mixes or pre-made pizzas since most of them contain artificial colors, added sugar, high-fructose corn syrup and artificial preservatives.

For your homemade crust, use wholesome ingredients like whole-grain or gluten-free flour. This boosts the fibre and protein content. Choose light cheeses with A big flavor and fewer calories. If possible load some veggies as well.

pizza healthy

Limit meat

For meat lovers, leaner meats are the best. Always avoid processed meats like pepperoni and bacon for a healthier option. Leaner meats include lean steak, grilled chicken, shrimp, ham, or lean ground beef and pork sausage. This will help to limit the intake of processed meats like bacon, sausage, and pepperoni, which are rich in sodium and saturated fat. 

Practice portion control

Any food that is consumed in large portions is not healthy and can contribute to weight gain. This is where portion control becomes critical to avoid overeating and to maintain a healthy weight and functional body. Even when enjoying foods that are available in small sizes like muffins, ice cream, bread, cake and pizza it’s important to take them with limitations.

The same applies when you’re consuming a freshly made pizza or a pre-made slice. You need to eat the pizza slices with portion control in mind to prevent excess calorie intake. For a takeout pizza, avoid super-sized servings and instead serve yourself a slice or smaller portion on a plate rather than out of the box. Also, try and fill up on a fibre-rich green salad along with a slice of your favorite pizza for a more balanced meal. 

Include veggies

Incorporate some healthy veggies into your pizza recipe. You can also top your homemade pizza or any type of takeout pizza with either cooked or fresh vegetables. This will boost the fiber content, vitamin, mineral and antioxidants in your meal. If veggies don’t work with one recipe, try out several other recipes that use ingredients like meaty mushrooms, cauliflower and quinoa to create nutritious crusts.

Add spicy ingredients

If you love spicy foods some fresh chilies and red pepper flakes would be a good match for flavors like fresh tomatoes and herbs. Also, instead of eating a plain pizza, try and serve it up with a large salad or add some fresh chilies and red pepper flakes as a topping.

From the information above, it’s quite evident that you can still enjoy your favorite pizza the healthy way without worrying about its impact on your health and weight. More processed types of pizza like frozen fast food pizzas which tend to have higher unhealthy ingredients can be eliminated by making your own from scratch. This eliminates the intake of ingredients like preservatives, colorings and unhealthy fats.

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