London could be a really fun city for a teenager to be in. While the crowd around you is running for their routine works and facing their daily hardships, a teenager is the one who could probably extract the most out of this city.

Check out the list of seven things every teen should do in London:

teen should do

1. Pay a visit to London Dungeon

London Dungeon is a glorious place located in the south of the city. It is a recreational structure which lets you experience the magnificent and celebrated history of the country. Offering show screenings and rides which let you through the boat rides, city gates, torture chambers, courtroom, prison and so many other adventurous things.

The London Dungeon uses drama, characters, special effects, and rides to make the teenagers experience a thrill quest.

2. Hit the shoppers’ stops

London is a shopper’s paradise and is no less to Paris when it comes to the latest fashion. With all the shopping streets of London offering a wide variety of vintage clothing brands and designer stuff, one could probably buy the best of clothing in the world.

The Park Grand London Paddington Hotel, one of the finest hotels of London, offers easy commutable access to all the wonderful shopping areas of the city.

3. Pamper your taste buds

London is a home to a lot of restaurants and cafes which serve multinational cuisines such as British, Indian, Chinese, Burmese and Singapore. These restaurants and cafes offer a wide range of delicacies, finger-licking good meals, refreshing tea, sandwiches, fresh pastries and other baked products.

Besides, the British afternoon tea sessions are really happening events for teenagers to look forward to while they are in London.

4. Climb over O2

The O2 is a large multi-purpose arena situated in the Greenwich Peninsula of South-east portion of London city. It is a hub for music, sports, comedy and other forms of entertainment and is a “go-to” place for all the teenagers to have fun.

It holds many musical concerts by world famous singers and bands, indoor sports matches (such as tennis) and various types of exhibitions.

5. Go on a walking spree

If you are teenager wandering alone in London and trying to explore the city more, you should definitely go on a walk from the Trafalgar Square to Covent Garden. It offers one of the most famous sites of the city on its way (The National Gallery, St. Martin-in-the-Fields, the Court-auld Gallery, Transit Museum and the Opera House).

You are going to purely love this walk through the city, relishing its beauty.

6. Ride a Boris

The Boris bikes, also known as the Santander Cycles, are public bicycles available for hire in London to roam across the city. These bikes were launched with a mission to promote the use of environment-friendly bicycles over motor vehicles.

So, as a responsible citizen, teenagers should embrace this scheme and promote it further by riding these bicycles while exploring and commuting through the London city. It would be a new fun-filled new experience for all of you.

7. Visit Madame Tussauds

Teenagers could visit the Madame Tussauds museum in London and get themselves clicked with the wax statues of their favorite celebrities across the world.

Getting a selfie with your favorite star and uploading it on their social media platforms is one of those opportunities every teenage is looking forward to. So, dress up, get clicked and flaunt!

Wrapping Up

Every teenager should try the activities listed above in order to enjoy their London experience to the fullest and make cherishable memories.

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