Back in college, a lot of my friends took a backpacking trip. Initially, I thought they had gone nuts, and it sounded like an impossible mission to me. Seriously, who in their sane mind would pack a 40-pound bag to the mountain? It seemed hard for me also because I had never taken a backpacking trip in the past. Flash forward to the current day, I recently led a group of 12 adventurous women on a backpacking tour to Alaska. Now, the times have changed, at least for me. I never thought backpacking could be this freeing and fun. Of course, you have a massive load to pack, but the good part is that you have with you everything from the food you need to the shelter that would shield you in it. So, it is like you have to pack up and move on. In a way, backpacking is like heading back to the roots of your nomadic forefathers.

I feel there’s something really beautiful about not meeting or seeing any human life or structure for a whole week. How incredible it would be to see and explore sights that you haven’t yet seen or explored in the past? Now, in this article, we’ll discuss with you some backpacking tips that will make backpacking easier for you.

backpacking tips

Backpacking Tips…

First – Train

Anaida, who offers assignment help Perth, says that for anyone who’s not backpacked or even if they have, it is important to train before heading on to a backpacking trip. Honestly, the best plausible way to train for an adventure is to do that adventure. For this, I recommend you carry the backpack that you would be using for the trip and do hikes daily. Add weight to that bag so you know where you would want the straps to be resting on the body.

To tell you the truth, there’s nothing that can prepare you better for hiking than do hiking. Do not ignore your upper body too. It is good to strengthen your shoulder and back muscles. They will help you to carry it all on the day of the backpacking trip. Do Pilates to get the requisite core and upper body strength.   

Second- Find a backpack that suits your needs

Omar, who recently did an excellent long tail pro review online, says that the best thing about the backpack is that it feels good when it has essential weight in it. You can test this by trying on different backpacks. Wear them with weight around your home or to the store. The best plausible method to buy a backpack is to go to a store and pick one in person. You can also pick a backpack online and find something that fits you well. Check for reviews online before investing in a backpack. 

Third – Find the right gear

Kiara, who recently had to pay someone to do my homework, says that usually an ultralight gear for backpacking tends to get a bit expensive However, it is okay to splurge in it. You can even rent gear if you are certain about not using it again. Get an extremely lightweight tent and try to put in as many people in it as possible. If it is a three-man tent, it can usually accommodate four men. However, if it is a two-man tent, it can fit in three. In case you are traveling in a group, you should get cozy. So, you can carry different tents and split the weight.

It is good to have a lightweight sleeping bag. It is good to overdo it rather than underdoing it. It might get hard for you to sleep if you are not comfortable in your tent. Also, carry a Nalgene bottle that has hot water in it.

Fourth – Pack meals with a good number of calories according to the weight

Sarah, who recently had to pay for essay service online, says that food is going to be the heaviest part of the pack. Try to carry with you food that can be rehydrated. It is a great strategy to carry more food at less weight. Carry things like oats, protein bars, etc., that give you a good number of calories for their weight and keep you full through the trip. Fruits and nuts are also an essential thing to carry with you.  

Fifth – Pick a hike that meets your capabilities

Mia, who offers the best SEO course online, says that for people who haven’t ever hiked before should try to pick a trail that isn’t the most difficult one or at a massive elevation. You can start with a four day or an overnight backpacking trip. A lot of routes have circuits that can be done with different entry and exit points in distinct directions, So, pick a route that has an easy beginning and go heaviest towards the end. The first couple of days will be the hardest for you. Hence, when you do the light part first, you’ll feel motivated to finish the trail.  

Sixth – Don’t go solo – sign in with national park offices and trail registrars

David, who offers pay for research paper service, says that it is always good to take solo trips after you have a fair share of experience. When you travel solo, things can get hard as there would be no one around you to help you during an emergency. If you are planning to go off-trail in the backcountry, you should travel in a big group. For first-timers, it is good to be there for each other. Always let someone, at home, know where you are and where you are planning to be through the day. You should also carry a map to direct you right. 

So, these, according to us, are the top six backpacking tips that will come handy for every new and young backpacker. If you have more to add to this list, you can let us know about it in the comment section below. For any questions or queries, write to us in the comments section. 

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