You may have realized that your dog is always happy when he or she is healthy. As such, you should treat your dog like a member of your family. Dogs are so easy to please and make happy that it doesn’t take much of an effort to give them a good life. However, most pet owners tend to forget the needs of their dog. If you are a pet owner, you probably want your dog to live a happy and healthy. In that case, here are five tips to having a healthy dog.

healthy dog

1. Provide healthy Food.

We always ensure that we get a healthy and organic meal. We are still reading the labels on foods to ensure we have a good diet. This trend should also apply to our dogs. We should give a raw based diet to our pup. Avoid foods with too many preservatives since they can be harmful in the end. Also, do not allow your dog to get used to the junk food you eat. Dogs are susceptible and can easily have an upset stomach.

2. Exercise.

Dogs have so much energy inside them, and they need a way to release that energy. Whether you love taking your dog for a run or a walk, it is essential to exercise your dog. If you fail to have them release the energy, dogs get frustrated and become aggressive. Some of the signs that you have failed in this step include your dog chewing furniture, shoes, and wall corners. Make it a habit of walking your dog on a daily basis. Depending on the breed, some dogs require walks twice per day. If you do not have time to walk your dog, you can always hire a dog walker.

healthy dog

3. Routine Care.

Routine care is among the best things your dog needs. Remember that animals cannot communicate directly when they have biological needs. Dog owners have the responsibility to become intuitive and provide your dog with regular visits to the vet. An annual health check will give the vet the opportunity to nip any illness or health concerns before they can cause severe problems and bills. The vet will ask simple questions such as the pet’s behaviour, and eating habits. Check with your local pet store for low-cost pet clinics that will help keep costs down.

healthy dog

4. Watch your Dog’s Weight.

Most do not know how many calories they should feed their dog, given the dog’s age, weight, and activity level. Like human beings, lack of exercise and overfeeding is a problem for dogs. Animals cannot decide on the amount of training or the quality of the food they need. You need to make these decisions for your dog. Overweight dogs face various challenges such as arthritis, liver diseases, and coronary illness. Visit your vet and request them to recommend a mix of exercise and food to help your dog lose weight or stay fit.

healthy dog

5. Take care of the Teeth.

Bad breath is a sign of gum or teeth problem. Food particles, saliva, and bacteria are known as plaque can build up on the gums and cause infections. The infection can result in tooth decay or move to the bloodstream if left unchecked. Brush your dog’s teeth on a weekly basis and check with your vet or the experts from for instructions.

healthy dog

Following these tips can go a long way in providing a healthy life for your pet.

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