Dirty Dishes – Ranty Stuff

Life, Love and Dirty Dishes is mainly about parenting.  Living life with small people and the situations we find ourselves in.  Dirty Dishes refers to the not so pleasant but unavoidable things we have to deal with.  It’s my space where I sometimes talk about hot issues and first world problems.  We all need to have a rant every now and then don’t we.  

Pregnancy Announcement

Calm down.  I have nothing to tell you.  No announcement from me.  Been there.  Done that.  Got the t-shirt.  Twice. Not happening again.  No more swollen ankles, morning sickness, heart burn, back ache, and limited wardrobe choices for this mama. But have you noticed the pregnancy announcements taking over your news feed lately?  Every day […] Read more…

Life Love and Dirty Dishes

Toys vs Tech

H has three furry friends that go by the name of Alvin, Simon and Theodore (I’m sure you know them).  I brought them for him last Christmas because he loved the chipmunk movie and the songs that went with it.  To be honest it was just a little present that I thought would be forgotten […] Read more…

The dog eat dog world of motherhood

An old friend of mine is thinking about going for baby number two.  After a bad day she posted on Facebook how she wasn’t sure she could cope with two.  She was bombarded with comments from people saying the second is much easier, she should go for it, she has nothing to worry about.  I couldn’t help […] Read more…

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