Parenting is a full on job. There are days when I bake with my kids, I play car races all day long and have in-depth discussions about Ninjago. But there are also days where I am stretched thin and I’m tired and there’s not so much of me to give.

I used to beat myself up about those days. But I have come to realise that kids don’t care if your parenting is less than perfect. Their favourite dinner is a “carpet picnic”.

Perfection is over rated.

My kids don’t have the patience for baking. It involves a lot of whinging and I don’t get a look in when it comes to licking the bowl. But give them a packet of digestive biscuits and those icing pens and are more than happy.

I’ve spent ages making elaborate wooden train tracks, that join up everywhere, only for the kids to have a meltdown because all of the bridges are supposed to go in one long line.

In the Summer I give them a paintbrush and a bucket of water in the garden. They paint on the house, the fence, the patio. Wherever they want and there is no mess for me to tidy!

On one particular rainy day when the boredom levels had peaked and I was exhausted, I remembered I had picked up some illooms light up balloons. All it took was closing the curtains and cranking the music up and we had ourselves an indoor disco. There were a lot of requests for ‘shotgun’ by George Ezra and songs from Moana. But who doesn’t love dancing like no one is watching and not having to wear heels to do so.

lazy parenting hacks
Living room disco of dreams
lazy parenting hacks
lazy parenting hacks
We recently took some illooms balloons to a friends house for an indoor disco. When it all got a bit to frenzied and the ornaments were in danger, we chucked the balloons and the kids in the trampoline outside. The kids loved it and the grown ups had half an hour of uninterrupted conversation!
lazy parenting hacks
There are three kids in there somewhere!

There are loads of really simple things you can do if you are short on time or low on energy. Here are some simple ideas from other bloggers for days when you are not firing on all cylinders and need some lazy parenting hacks…

Lazy Parenting Hacks

Draw train tracks or a road on an old white t shirt, lie down and get them to run their toy cars/ trains over it – free massage. Midwife and Life

Dump the odd sock basket in the middle of the room and challenge the kids to compete against each other to pair up the most. This Mummy’s Always Write

My children and my partner’s children adore playing “out of date” with jars and tins in the cupboard. The one who finds the oldest one wins! Blossom Eductaion

Neither my son or I are particularly talented when it comes to baking, but we make ourselves more than happy getting messy with the ‘just add water’ kits you can get at the supermarket. Mum Full of Dreams

Play doctors and nurses and you are the poorly one . You get to lie there whilst they look after you and tell you to rest !! Beauties and the Bibs

My kids have taken to setting up a “spa” which involves them rubbing cream on my feet (actually quite nice), occasionally giving me a “massage” (also ok) and “doing my hair” (🙄 is all I’ll say to that). Wanderlust and wet wipes

Create your own disco

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lazy parenting hacks

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Let me know your lazy parenting hacks in the comments.

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