I have never been particularly green fingered. In fact any plant I have ever owned, even ones specifically labelled “low maintenance and hardy”, have not survived under my care. But as I get older I find myself being drawn to plants. I have filled my house with those of the artificial, or if you are trendy ‘faux’, variety. But stood in my garden the other day I actually said the words “We should get some hanging baskets.”

I don’t know if it’s being in my forties, or that lockdown has got to me, but I think I am taking an interest in my garden.

So here are 5 things I want in my dream garden:

dream garden

A comfortable seating area

I’ve always bought garden furniture based on practicality and the English weather. Therefore I’ve never bought particularly comfortable garden furniture. Instead I’ve gone for the hardy built to last and give you back ache variety.

But now I want the outdoor couches with big cushions. I want to lounge in my garden in comfort. I’m going to need somewhere to rest after all the gardening! Plus it’s the perfect spot to keep an eye on the kids.

A swing set for the kids

Speaking of the kids, every garden needs a swing set. I used to spend hours on mine as a kid. It feels like the closest you can get to flying when you are swooshing through the air on a swing. Do you remember wondering if it was possible to swing right over the top?

I love the wooden swing sets you can get from Wickey. These sets are built to last and are really robust. Whether it’s a simple swing, a swing and slide set, or climbing apparatus, there are lots of different combinations to create the exact configuration you want.. You can add to it over the years and easily change it as your child grows with the extensive range of accessories available.

Kids really can get years and years of fun in the garden from these swing sets.

dream garden

Wickey swing sets are made from pressure treated solid wood. They are built to last and withstand the British weather far better than my garden cushions will!

Artificial grass

You mean it’s always green, I never have to cut it, and it won’t trigger my hey fever? Sold!

Plants – Lots of them

I want a garden full of plants that I know the names of. Right now I completely rely on those little labels you get in the pots that tell me what a plant is and how to care for it. But I want to be one of those people that knows what a plant is just by looking at it.

I’m not sure how I am going to achieve this, but if I’m going to start anywhere, it starts with buying some plants!

A water feature

In my mind my dream garden will have a water feature. This will be a beautiful ornate piece, and the trickling sound of water will make me feel calm and serene. In reality I’ll forever be shouting at the kids to stop splashing the water on my comfy garden cushions, and it is likely to make me need a wee!

So to sum up, I’m not to sure about the water feature, I want some comfy cushions that will get ruined in the rain, and plants that I have no idea what to do with.

I think we had better start with the artificial grass and the swing set.

What would you like in your dream garden?

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