I know this is a complete cliché, but I don’t know what happened.  One minute I was inhaling gas and air as if my life depended on it, and growling at anyone who dared try to take it away, then I blinked, and my baby was one.

If you are against soppiness and slush of any nature, then stop reading now.  If I were ten twenty years younger I might say, “it’s totes emosh babes.”

On Friday, the little one turns one.  I’ve been doing lots of reminiscing about this time last year.  An awful pregnancy, an amazing birth.  I’m looking at him cruising round the living room and remembering a tiny little thing dressed in tiny little baby grows.  I’m clinging onto his babyhood, but it’s about to disappear from my grip.  (sob)

He is my last baby.  Our wonderful little family is complete.  With each much celebrated milestone he achieves I know it is the last first.

This is my letter to my little man, of this snapshot in time, just before his first birthday.

To my happy little soul,

Happy birthday my gorgeous boy.

You may only be little, but you have had a huge impact on our hearts. You seem to have slotted in like you have always been here.  It was meant to be.

Everyone always comments on how happy and content you are.  From day one you have been that way.  From day one you have also known how to turn on the charm. You love taking your brother to school.  You smile and wave at every cooing Mum in the playground, and bask in the attention you receive in return.

I know you are cute, but you’ve got to stop smiling at the crazies in the street.  It makes them want to talk to us.

You love your big brother so much and save your best giggles for him.  The pair of you laugh like loons together and the sound makes my heart burst. You are starting to show a feisty side, and make it known quite loudly when you are frustrated.  Normally when you are trying to get to your brothers fiercely guarded Lego.  I promise, when you are big enough I will let you play with it whilst he is at school.  It will be our little secret.

You are never still.  Always wanting to be on your feet and normally trying to get to somewhere you shouldn’t!  You started making your way across the living room at 4 months old.  Seriously, what were you trying to do to me?!

I love your cuddles.  You nestle into my neck and put both arms down by your side and snuggle in.  Please stop growing so fast so I can enjoy those cuddles for longer.  There really is no hurry.

Already you find farting hilarious.  I am so outnumbered on this one I give up!

I love that you love my Uptown Funk moves.  But that’s another of our little secrets.

Pointing at anything and everything, waving like a maniac, and shaking you head side to side ridiculously fast, are your favourite daily activities. Books are your favourite toys at the moment, and you relish in throwing every piece of food I give you on the floor.  Except bananas.  You love them.  Ironic really, as when I was pregnant with you I couldn’t stand any fruit!

I love you and your goofy laugh, your beautiful blue eyes, and your mop of hair.

Enjoy your first birthday.  You can smear as much cake as you want into that hair.

Oliver's Birthday

I’m looking forward to the next year with you as you make your journey towards toddler-hood.  Just remember I survived your big brother as a toddler.  I know all the tricks and I’ve seen all the tantrums!

I love you my little monkey.




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  1. Happy 1st birthday. I love when mothers write to their little ones. I get emotional and so broody. Beautifully written. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  2. As soon as anyone writes a letter to their little one I always know it’s going to make me emotional. A beautiful letter. Hope your little one had a gorgeous birthday! Thanks for linking to #countluckystars xxx

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