Charlie has been in our lives for 18 months now. And we couldn’t imagine him not being part of our family. So much so that on our recent holiday to Australia, both the boys shed tears because they missed the cat!

Until Charlie I have never owned a cat, and before he became part of our lives I was told cats were selfish and aloof. But Charlie is anything but. Having nothing to compare him to, I don’t know if he is a normal cat, or some kind of super cat.

is my cat normal?

Is it normal that he eats spiders?

I mean I’m not complaining. Saves me trapping them under a glass and spending the rest of the day shouting at the kids to “mind the glass” until the husband gets home from work to dispose of the 8 legged critter. But is my cat normal for eating spiders. In fact he has also been known to eat moths and wood lice.

is my cat normal?

Is it normal that he thinks he is a dog?

Charlie is very sociable and likes to be in the same room as us most of the time. Even when there’s train tracks and chaos and noise. But he acts more like a dog in that he comes to greet us when we get home, and his favourite game is fetch! I might just get him some dog treats from and be done with it!

is my cat normal?
Photo bombing cat
is my cat normal?
Watching Waffle the Wonder Dog with the kids!

Is it normal that he lays on his back?

I always thought cats slept curled up. Not Charlie. This is his default position.

is my cat normal?
Prime for a belly rub

He does love a belly rub, but there is one condition. You have to stroke his head first, then you can go for the belly. Woe-betide if you go straight for the belly. You will end up with a cat attached to your arm by his claws!

Is it normal that he sits on my shoulder?

As well as thinking he is a dog, he often acts like a parrot!

Is it normal that rain sends him a bit bonkers?

I mean that wild eyes. ready to pounce, a little bit scary, crazy cat kind of way.

Not sure who took this selfie, Big or the cat!

Is it normal that he attacks my washing machine?

Every single day without fail, he attacks the machine when it’s on a spin cycle.

Is it normal that he likes rubbers?

I am constantly finding a trail of Big’s rubbers in my hallway. I have no idea why Charlie likes them so much, But we have had to ensure Big’s bedroom door is always closed to stop Charlie from stealing them!

Caught red handed

Is it normal that he rejects any bed I buy him?

Radiator beds, baskets with cosy blankets, we have tried them all. But whatever bed I buy him he doesn’t go near. His favourite thing in the world to sleep in is a Primark paper bag! That or on my clean washing.

is my cat normal?

So is my cat normal? He may well be a completely normal cat, but he will always be our super cat.

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Claire Kirby

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