I haven’t done one of these for a while, but I am bringing them back. I’m trying to focus on doing more things that I enjoy, and one of those things is shopping! Combine that with my love of a bargain, and five under £5 makes me very happy.

Basically it is exactly what it says on the tin. Five things I have purchased that have cost £5 or under.

five under £5

First up is this plant pot and plant from Matalan. I am all about the artificial plants. I simply cannot keep real ones alive, so after many years I am playing to my strengths and making sure all nature in my house is fake! The plant pot and stand was £5, and there were loads of different colours and designs to choose from. They had bigger ones too. and the artificial ‘green thing’ was £4.

five under £5

I bought this sign for the very simple reason that it was 25p. How could I walk away from something reduced in Poundland to 25p. So now it lives in my bathroom and makes me think “TWENTYFIVE P!!!” every time I go in there. I’ll stop saying 25p now.

five under £5

I love Paperchase, but I do find it on the pricey side. So I always love it when I find a bargain or something that’s really good value in there. These cute little notecards came in a box of 10 for £4

five under £5 notecards from paperchase

And finally, because I love a bit of stationery, I picked up these pencils in Wilko’s because I liked the colours, but liked them even more when I saw the little inspirational messages printed on them. Things like “Give yourself time” and “you can.” The pack of 6 pencils was £1 and they are from the Sentiments range. Although I think one of my biggest bug bears in life is buying pencils that you then have to sharpen yourself!

five under £5 pencils from Wilko

So that’s my five under £5 for this month. Have you picked up any bargains?

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Claire Kirby

7 Comments on Five Under £5 – March

  1. Geez you got some amazing bargains Claire. Especially the sign for 25p – what a steal!! I too love a good bargain, especially when you aren’t looking for it!

  2. I miss my bargain shops. I used to work in town so often picked bits up on my lunch breaks. I am loving the plant pot and those pencils, I do love a bit of pretty stationary.

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