Everyone has a preference when it comes to the type of holiday they prefer. For me, I will always choose sight seeing over a beach holiday. And when it comes to accommodation my preference is a villa holiday as opposed to an all inclusive hotel option.

Here’s why I love a villa holiday:

You can stick to a routine

With a villa holiday with Clickstay you are not bound by someone elses schedule. You can eat and sleep when you want. This is incredibly helpful when you have kids. Both my boys find it hard to cope with late nights. We pay the price the following day with grumpy over emotional behaviour. Villa holidays enable us to keep a routine that suits us, and keeps everyone happy. And we don’t have to contend with anyone being hangry!

Flexible food

I’ve been on several all inclusive holidays in the past where the food wasn’t all that great. There was one in particular where despite having paid to be all inclusive, we still ate out every night because the food was so bad in the hotel! I love the flexibility a villa holiday gives you. You can eat out, or cook yourself.

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The sleeping arrangements

Most family hotel rooms I have stayed in consist of a large room with a double bed and two single beds. The husband and I put the boys to bed and then sit in the dark for the evening whispering to each other. It’s not the most fun evening. With a villa holiday the boys get their own room, and we don’t have to creep around in the dark.

Time to yourself

Another benefit of the sleeping arrangements in a villa holiday is that once the boys are in bed we get some time to ourselves. A chance to switch off from parental duties (mostly) and recharge ready for the next days adventures.

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A private pool

No getting up at 6am to try and secure yourself a sun lounger! Need I say anymore?

There is so much choice

You can get villas in Spain, Florida, Cyprus, Portugal, Greece, Turkey. In fact pretty much anywhere. You can chose villas near the beach, in the city, in the countryside. Villa holidays give you so much choice. And I think that it is so much easier to see what you are getting than it is when you book a hotel.

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The actual villas

The villas themselves are home from home. We have stayed in some stunning places, all really well equipped with everything you could need. I always find reviews of villas to be very accurate and give you a good idea of what you are getting.

Room to play

The kids have plenty of room to play. In fact most family villas I have stayed in even have a selection of toys and games. And when they wake up at the crack of dawn I don’t have to keep whisper shouting at them to keep the noise down in fear of waking people up in the hotel room next door.

No people!

At the risk of sounding like a hermit, I quite enjoy being in our own little bubble on holiday and really enjoying some quality family time. Sometimes other people can cast a shadow on your holiday.

The husband and I were staying in a hotel years ago and a woman and her daughter sort of latched onto us and would sit with us every evening. The problem was the woman was quite happy to share her very christian views. Making comments about the cocktail I was drinking. Ok, it was called ‘sex on the beach’, but! She would lecture me every night on my living arrangements as at the time the husband and I were ‘living in sin’.

It puts a dampener on your ‘sex on the beach’ when you are told you are going to hell! At least on a villa holiday I know who I am going to be stuck with!

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Cost savings

Villa holidays can be incredibly cost effective when you rent a villa with a group of family or friends. And it’s not just the accommodation, putting money into a kitty for food when there is a group of you can cost you less than if you were just shopping for yourselves.

For me I would always prefer a villa holiday. Maybe one day I will have my own villa holiday home. A girl can dream.

Do you enjoy a villa holiday?

This post is sponsored by Clickstay, who offer amazing villa holidays in fantastic locations. All views and opinions are my own.

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