There are many expressions that go hand in hand with having children. Perhaps none more true than the phrase I have often muttered under my breath “You are the reason we don’t have nice things”.

Casing point, our sofa is on its last legs. It groans when you sit on it. It no longer offers any support. The leather is faded. It looks dated. But it’s wipe clean and the kids can jump all over it without me yelling the words of my Mother “When you grow up I am going to come round and jump all over your furniture and see how you like it.”

Side note – to date she has not yet jumped on my sofa.

We have wood floors in our house and when it comes to small kids they are so much easier to maintain than carpet. And there are lots more benefits of wood flooring in the family home.

The benefits of wood flooring when you have kids

benefits of wood flooring
Never work with children or animals!

Wood flooring is wipe clean

Drinks get spilled. Babies spit up. Toddlers are generally sticky. Nobody knows why. Kids projectile vomit without any prior warning. Food gets dropped. Food gets trodden on. Nappies leak. Potty training means poos on the floor are inevitable. Floors are a blank canvas for budding artists. Banana flavoured antibiotics are rejected with a hulk like force (My bedroom carpet still bears a luminous yellow stain).

Then there are the muddy wellies as the kids traipse through the door. The buggy wheels and scooters dragging the outside in. Yes wipe clean floors are essential when you have kids, and one of the very big benefits of wood flooring.

benefits of wood flooring

Wood flooring is low maintenance

A quick mop round and all evidence of the small people wreaking havoc on your home is gone. And let’s be frank, having a baby bum shuffle and army crawl around the floor, is as good as you sweeping. So put your feet up and have a cuppa whilst they do the hard work for you. Do you really need any more benefits of wood flooring?!

Wood flooring provides entertainment for the kids

My wood floor has been a race track for cars. It’s been a foundation for building towers. It’s been the sea whilst they bob about in a cardboard boat. It also provides hours of skidding fun. In fact when my Godson was younger he got a fair bit of speed up and nearly burst through my kitchen door!

Word to the wise – non slip feet on sleep suits are essential for toddlers!

Wood flooring provides a flat surface

Kind of obvious, but when you have kids carpet with a deep pile is the stuff of nightmares. You can’t build a train track on pile. Jigsaw puzzles are impossible on carpet. Lego pieces get lost in pile. Although a nice deep pile might stop you get piles from all the sitting on the floor you will be doing playing games with the small people.

benefits of wood flooring

Unless you want to spend your life deep cleaning the carpet and standing on lost bits of Lego, wooden flooring is far more compatible with children, and there are more benefits of wood flooring than carpet.

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