We have lived in our home for 14 years now. It’s fair to say it’s changed a bit in that time. 14 years ago there were just two of us. We moved from a tiny flat to a four bedroom house and rattled around a bit. There were a fair few parties in those first few years. But then two became three, and then three became four, and the party house became the family home. It’s fair to say the requirements of a home change!

It’s hard to predict what you will need from a family home before you have a family. And even when you do have a family, what you need from your home changes as they grow. You may find yourself needing a mortgage calculator so you can decide whether to move or renovate.

requirements of a home

Here are just a few ways the requirements of a home can change…


When we first moved in we used one of the bedrooms as a study. Every time we used the computer we had to run an extension lead from the router downstairs all the way upstairs. How times change! Thankfully we are now on a wireless router! We are gradually changing all our plug sockets to USB sockets, which is really handy as the boys grow and the number of things we have that need charging increases.

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With Alexa’s in every room and smart bulbs our home is gradually becoming a Smart home.


Renovations are a great way to meet the changing requirements of a home and add value. We undertook our first big renovation in 2017 with the kitchen. I often felt locked away from the rest of the family in our old kitchen. We changed the design be knocking out a wall, and as part of the new kitchen we incorporated a breakfast bar. The kids now sit and do homework or colouring whist I am prepping dinner and it now really works for our family.

requirements of a home
requirements of a home
requirements of a home
requirements of a home

We have undertaken smaller renovations such as building cupboards under the stairs which has really helped with organisation.

The next renovation will be the garden. Maybe in the future we will consider a loft conversion too.

Renovations are a great way to ensure your home grows with you and your family and gives you what you need.


You can never have enough right. I mean thank goodness for Ikea and their ingenious storage solutions. From toys, to craft stuff, to books and wrapping paper!

I like things to be tidy, so everything needs a home. But as our family gets older the storage requirements change. I am actually pleased to say that we are past the stage of plastic toys filling my lounge. We have one small and unassuming toy box in the lounge. Now I need storage for the increasing number of charging cables in my home! And whilst the toys have gotten smaller, their shoes are getting really big!

The storage requirements of a home constantly change, but it’s a good excuse to visit Ikea and stock up on candles and fake plants!


The decor of your home is another thing that changes. Whether it’s a simple freshen up, a modernisation, or your child declaring their room is to babyish!

Changing the decor also keeps on top of the maintenance of the home and maintains it’s market value.


As your life style changes so does the requirements of your home. From needing a spare room to needing space for scooters! From cots, to desks for homework. And one of my favourite additions to our home, a reading corner, where I can go for some peace!

Our dinning room used to be just that. But after our second son came along and we no longer had a spare room, the dining room became a dumping ground. It was a room that just didn’t get used because it wasn’t working for our lifestyle.

A few storage solutions later for craft supplied ans board games (so many board games) and space to put gifts I buy for people throughout the year, the dining room is finally working as a family room for us with many functions. From eating, to crafts, from jigsaws to a place to chill out. It’s a room that forfills a lot of needs for our family.


It’ fair to say that Covid-19 has had a huge impact on requirements of our home in 2020. Homes became everything, offices to work in, schools to teach in, sanctuarys to escape in.

Time at home gave people the chance to decorate and complete maintenance on their homes. Government initiatives like reducing stamp duty have given people the incentive to move. The housing market has seen growth during the pandemic.

But maybe the pandemic has made us reassess what is important to us. Maybe we want to move home to be closer to family. Maybe we want to work less to spend more time with our families. Whether it’s short term or long term I think Covid-19 will definitely have an impact on our requirements of the home.

What changes have you made to your home to make it work for you?

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Claire Kirby

11 Comments on Requirements of a Home: Can Your Home Grow With You?

  1. OMG, I am sooooo with you on the storage front. Seriously, no matter how much storage you think you have it is never enough!!!!

  2. I am so behind the times. I had no idea that you can get plug sockets which include USB too. What a brilliant idea as the vast majority of things the boys use need USBs to charge!

  3. We have been in our flat for 16 years – it is 2 bedroom – and now there are 5 of us. We are currently considering talking to a mortgage broker to discuss what we could afford, the area we live in is very expensive to get a bigger property but the kids are so happy here,

  4. We’ve lived in our home now for 10 years. The previous 3 houses we always moved in our 4th year – but with kids in school it’s better to put roots down. It’s fair to say this house has grown with us. Regular decorating is the key!

  5. Great post this. I would say yes it can grow with you but you need to reset your expectations a bit in terms of how long it’s going to take to get that. I took us about 4 years before we starting changing our kitchen which we thought we would do in the first few months of living there lol

    • Yes. I think your needs change with time and the kids getting older. The lounge is next on my list, but we’ve been waiting until the kids are that bit older that we can get nice stuff again!

  6. I definitely think a home can grow with you, and it doesn’t just need to be about extensions but also clever reconfigs…we recently had storage put in under our stairs too and it was an absolute game changer! Next we want to get a whole load of storage put in our spare/office room.

    • Storage makes such a difference. Our dinning room kept ending up as a dumping ground. I bought Kallax units just before the first lockdown, for all of the board games and craft stuff and bits that just had no home. It’s turned the room into more of a family room and it works really well. It was also our classroom during lockdown. So glad I did it at the beginning of the year! Sometimes it’s just about getting you head round how you need a room to work for you.

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