Have you been on or are planning a Winter family holiday?

Abroad holidays have always been a luxury for us as a family. A luxury that has been out of our reach. But after a lot of saving, we fly to Australia next month for a family wedding. It will be the kids first flight so we are going in at the deep end!

But now that we have our passports, and assuming the flight doesn’t leave me wanting to find a parachute and leap, we have been thinking about other adventures we can go on.

The Bucket List!

We are not very keen on Disney World. for a number of reasons, but mainly Big’s fear of people dressed up. It seems like it would be a colossal waste of money to spend the holiday hiding from the characters that everyone else is there to see!

For me a dream childhood holiday would be a visit to Finland to visit Santa in his Lapland home.

Winter family holiday

Finland Facts

  • Finland is called ‘Land of a Thousand Lakes’ There are 188,000 of them.
  • There are enough forests in Finland to fill an area the size of the United Kingdom!
  • Winter in Finland can last for seven months.
  • Finland is ranked as the happiest country in the world.
  • The average Finn consumes 12 kilos of coffee a year!

Family Holidays

Activities Abroad are a holiday company created by families for families. They even have an excellent school holiday planner on their website.

You can get some amazing packages which include lots of festive activities. I was genuinely surprised by how much is included in the packages. One of the packages I was looking at for a 4 night stay included;

  • husky safari
  • meeting the reindeer
  • snowmobile-pulled sled ride
  • snow sculpting
  • feeding the winter animals with the elves
  • Snow fun with snowshoeing and kick sledging
  • Angry Birds Activity Park entrance for one day
  • snowshoe search for Father Christmas
  • a meeting with Father Christmas.

That’s not to mention the fully qualified guides. Cold weather clothing for the duration of your stay (which would save you a small fortune in buying stuff you wouldn’t really use again).

Flights, transfers, accommodation and food were all included too. And the hotel had a pool and a soft play area. SOLD!

Winter family holiday

For Older Children…

There are so many packages on offer, that a holiday in Lapland could still be for you even if your children are long past the magical years of believing in the man in red. You can skip the Father Christmas bit and do some snow based activities such as skiing and tobogganing.

There are other things included in some packages such as eating in an ice restaurant. tours to see the Northern Lights.

Other accommodation is available too, including cottages, and glass roof Aurora cabins, or cosy log cabins.

You can chose from a selection of packages, or even create you own itinerary for your perfect Winter family holiday.

Environmental Responsibility

When looking into booking holidays I think it is our responsibility to check what a company is doing to protect the environment. Even more so when visiting places that could be harmed by our presence.

Activities Abroad offer small group holidays. The group size is always made appropriate to the nature of the environment.

A ‘leave no trace’ ethos is continually expressed to holiday makers.

Is a Winter Family Holiday for us?

It’s definitely something I want to do in the future. I think it’s a great holiday option that features lots of activities and stunning scenery?

What about you? Would you forgo the sun for a Winter family holiday?

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