Flowers are something that we generally associate with emotions, intimacy, and close relationship. Yet, the fact is, flowers make excellent formal gifts too. When it comes to business gifting, flowers occupy a special place. Besides, using flowers and plants to decorate your corporate office is an excellent way to spruce up the environment. Online flower delivery services like Snap Blooms offer easy and hassle-free corporate flower delivery services for both corporate flower gifting and using as décor for your office.

plants for the office

Corporate flower gifts

In a business setting, it is often challenging to find appropriate gifts for your employers, employees, clients, or business-partners. Flowers can be saviors in such situations. Flowers convey the message of appreciation and gratitude and are excellent accompaniments with a bottle of wine or champagne, or other expensive gifts.

While selecting the appropriate bouquet, it is important to make the gift meaningful and memorable. You can choose flower colors according to your brand colors, or even get the floral gifts branded. Online flowers services like Snap Blooms offer specially designed floral products to meet your needs. You can also customize these items according to your preferences.

Why decorate your office with plants and flowers

Studies show that there are many positive impacts of including plants and flowers in your office setting. Flowers decrease stress and increase the happiness and comfort levels of the employees. Plants not only look great in the corridors, corners of the rooms or hallways, and tabletops, but they also provide fresh oxygen and purify the air. Live plants work better than any air purifier multiple times better. Studies show that flowers also increase productivity. Placing plants and flowers in places where the employees can directly see and/or interact with them will create a positive effect on their mind about the office and the work, and will increase overall productivity. Flowers also inspire creativity and boost your mood. Live plants and flowers give your whole office a beautiful makeover. Flowers and plants are also known to contribute positively towards a calm and peaceful environment, something all corporate offices struggle to achieve.

This is why adding flowers and plants in your office will not only make your office look good, but also benefit in many other ways. Online flower delivery services like Snap Blooms specializes in Corporate Flower deliveries and has an extensive collection suiting all your needs, choices, and budgets.

Top types of flowers and plants for corporate settings

Here are the 5 best types of flowers and 5 types of plants that will look great in a corporate setting:

plants for the office


Flowers that stay fresh for longer and require low maintenance are more suitable for offices. Here are some examples:

Any kinds of Orchids:

Orchids are pretty low-maintenance, be it the flowers or the plant itself. You can either get fully-bloomed Orchid plants, or go with assorted bouquets of Orchid flowers. Cymbidium Orchids, Phalaenopsis Orchids, Dendrobium Orchids, and Oncidium Orchids are some of the most popular and commonly available orchids.


Sunflowers stay fresh for 3-4 weeks easily when properly cared for. This is one of the main reasons why sunflowers make it to the top list of corporate flowers, but that’s not the only reason. Sunflowers represent life, youth, energy, and vigour. Plus, these bright yellow blooms look vibrant in any setting.


Lilies are big and bright flowers that can add a splash of color and vibrancy to a dull background. They also represent productivity and new beginnings.


Hydrangea flowers in blue or white will also look very sophisticated and stylish in any corporate office, especially if you prefer muted and subtle looks for your office. Hydrangeas too can stay fresh for a long time with proper care.


Gerberas, the distant cousin of sunflowers are also similar in feature and looks. These pretty blooms in Red or Yellow will look great in your office cubicle and you will be able to enjoy their beauty for at least 2-3 weeks.

plants for the office


Just like flowers, with plants also, we focus on low-maintenance ones that thrive in low light (considering most of them will be gracing the indoors of the office).

Snake Plants:

Snake plants require minimum care and low light. This is why they are very good as office plants. Plus, snake plants are known to produce an enormous amount of oxygen compared to others. All the more reason to include them in your décor, right?

Bamboo Plant:

Small but tall plants like Lucky Bamboo also look great in offices. You can place them at the corners of the rooms, rather than on tabletops. In some cultures, Bamboo is considered to be lucky, hence the name. If you believe in these ideas, you should definitely give them a try.

Peace Lily:

Peace lily plants are also great additions to your offices. They thrive under low light and don’t require a lot of water. In short, maintaining them is pretty easy.


Succulents are also very good for offices, especially in small places. These small plants will add to the beauty of your office.

Aloe Vera:

And finally, Aloe Vera is the magic plant that every household as well as office needs. They look great, produce a lot of oxygen, purifies air, and are helpful in uncountable other ways.

If you’re wondering about where to buy these awesome corporate flowers, give Snap Blooms a try and be amazed!

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