If you are a similar age to me, chances are when you grew up, the photos displayed in your home were from a family photo shoot at Olan Mills in the eighties, that come the nineties make you cringe whenever you brought friends over. With photography becoming much more accessible, the options for displaying photographs in our home have increased.

Whether it’s photos of your loves ones, or places, or maybe you even enjoy taking pictures of landscapes or flowers, your photographs can become a big feature in your home.

And because photo prints are affordable it’s easy to change your prints whenever you want.

Here are some ideas to really make a statement in your home with photographs.

1 Multi Frames

I love a multi frame. I have several in my home. Sometimes I use photographs from a particular event to fill the frame. Sometimes I might use various photos but make them all black and white. There are so many options not only with the frame itself, but the pictures it contains. And the beauty of it is you can easily change the pictures when you want to update your photos.

photos in your home

2 Picture Shelf

Picture shelves are a great way of displaying photographs and artwork, and in a way that makes it really simple to change and keep fresh, through both the photographs and the frames themselves.

photos in your home
photos in your home

3 Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are a simple way of really turning your photographs into a piece of art in your home. Bonusprint offer canvas prints in a range of sizes at great prices. They make a great gift for loved ones too.

photos in your home
photos in your home

4 Gallery Wall

Gallery walls a very on trend right now. It really makes a feature out of a space. You can buy sets of gallery wall frames ready for you to hang in whatever configuration you like. Now with Command Strips you can create a gallery wall without using any nails and creating a wall full of holes. Which means I can buy new frames without the husband moaning!

5 Acrylic prints

There are so many different materials available to have photos printed on. From wood, metal, and plastics such as acrylic. They are fantastic quality and often really make the colours in your photograph pop. They are great if you are looking to create a statement piece that will last a long time.

6 Photobooks

Photobooks are such a lovely way to preserve memories, and get the photos off your phone, or out of the cloud or wherever they maybe, for the whole family to enjoy. My kids love sitting and looking through photobooks we have made.

There are so many options for design as well, from page layout, to text, backgrounds and graphics. The books become a work of art themselves. It’s also another photo item that makes a really special gift for a loved one.

7 Photo mural

If you really want to make a statement with a photograph, why not turn it into wallpaper and use it to cover an entire wall. It’s definitely a feature wall that will be a conversation starter. It’s a great idea for people running small business from their home to use a photo mural of their products on an office wall. Particularly as a background for all those zoom calls!

8 Pin boards

Use a pin board or notice board to create a photo mural. It could be pictures and maps from your latest holiday. Or Polaroids of your friends and family. They are great for teenage bedrooms, inexpensive to create and easily updated.

9 Magnets

Magnets are a fun way to display photos on your fridge and bring the personal touch to your kitchen. Whether it’s magnetic frames for your prints, or photographs printed onto magnets. They make a great gift for grandparents too.

Whether you are looking to create a statement piece from your photograph, or create something stylish that can regularly be updated, there are lots of options for using photos in your home.

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