Life is busy. Between the kids, work, keeping on top of the housework, and general life admin, most days I can feel like I don’t stop. And even when my body stops moving my mind is still whirring. It’s easy to feel like there is no time for you and no time for any kind of mindfulness activities.

But actually mindfulness activities don’t have to take up lots of your time, and a little bit of time spent on you goes a long way to feeling happy and content.

mindfulness activities

These are a few of the things that I have been doing which have really helped me feel more relaxed and more positive. And they are tools which I now call upon if I am feeling the overwhelm.

10 Mindfulness Activities

1 Gratitude Journal

I was a complete cynic about gratitude journals. Until I actually did one. It’s amazing how after a short space of time they can change your mindset. I do mine before I go to bed. It takes me two minutes to think of two or three things that I am grateful for that day.

Some days I do have to dig deep, and it might just be that I’m grateful it didn’t rain on the school run. But consistently taking the time to think about what you are grateful for helps you to see the positives in any situation.

2 Positive affirmations

These can be great when you have a goal to achieve or a mindset you are looking to change. Write them down. Repeat them to yourself every day. Positive affirmations have been proven to reduce stress and negativity and increase achievements.

My personal favourite at the moment is

“Never apologise for turning up as yourself.”

3 Remove negative influence

Social media is a big part of our lives. And I found there were certain accounts that would actually make me feel a bit crap about myself, or who just seemed to be really negative about everything. Now I think a good rant is cathartic and good for you, but not all day every day. And not when it then invades your head space and has a negative effect on you.

If you find this happening regularly, simply unfollow or hide these accounts from your feed. Make sure when you are scrolling you are surrounded by like minded people and only seeing the messages that you want to see.

4 Take 20 minutes for you

Ideally this would be everyday. And I get it. It’s hard to find 20 minutes. I found mine by going upstairs to bed 20 minutes earlier than I used to. What you do with that 20 minutes is up to you, as long as it something which makes you happy. I’ve tried everything from colouring in, embroidery, reading, doing a face mask and painting my nails.

Most of the time I read. It was something I did a lot before having kids, then simply didn’t have the time after. Now I force myself to find the time and feel better for it.

mindfulness activities

5 Go for a walk

There are so many proven benefits to be outdoors and to getting exercise. Walking is something simple that doesn’t cost any money. If you do it on your own listen to a podcast. If you are with the kids collect leaves or flowers along your route.

Unfortunately the school run doesn’t count. Although once you’ve dropped the kids off, if you can walk home and appreciate your surroundings and take the time to notice things on your route. A purposeful mindfulness walk, rather than just a route from a-b, then it totally counts.

6 Alternate Nostril breathing

This is my absolute favourite mindfulness activity. It helps me to relax and feel really calm. You can literally feel any tension melting away. You breath in through one nostril, then out through the other.

I do mine every evening and I think it helps me to sleep better. This video gives a great demonstration. Give it ago.

7 Touch base with a friend

Sending someone a message to see if they are ok, or sharing a photo that will make them laugh. It makes us feel better. My friends are spread far and wide and I don’t get to see them regularly, so sending and receiving messages always makes me feel happy. Talking always helps.

8 Declutter

Tidy desk, tidy mind! This one is so true for me. I am someone that gets stressed out by mess. I love to have a good declutter and tidy. Admittedly I don’t have time for this everyday. That said I do make time to do this, even if I take an hour once a week to sort out a drawer, I feel like I am keeping on top of things. Being organised is good for my mental health. When I feel disorganised I start to feel the overwhelm.

9 Listen to music

Whether it’s some gentle calming music, or you have a disco in your kitchen with the kids and sing and dance your heart out. Music is good for the soul. My favourite karaoke session is when nobody is at home and I’m putting the grocery shopping away. You’ve got to make the chores more fun somehow. Not sure my neighbours would agree!

mindfulness activities

10 Be present in the moment

I have to be so conscious of this one. Sometimes I can get drawn back into the past and wallow there for a while, relieving whatever feelings I was experiencing at the time. More often than not, my head is somewhere in the future. Planning, organising. For example I can spend ages planning the kids birthday parties, and when the day comes instead of actually enjoying the party, I’m planning the clean up and where all the new toys are going to go.

Stop and enjoy the moment. Be in the present.

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