I am not a crafty parent. When the kids come home from school with a letter telling me they require a costume I am far more likely to turn to Amazon than I am the sewing machine. Who am kidding, I don’t even own a sewing machine.

But sometimes I begrudge forking out for a costume they are likely to wear just once. So here are some quick and low cost World Book Day costumes that do not require you to go anywhere near a sewing machine.

1 Diary of a Wimpy kid

low cost world book day

My eldest loves these books and was adamant that last World Book Day this is who he was going to be. And actually it is really simple to create from stuff you probably already have. Black shorts and a white t-shirt and a black backpack. I think this was the first costume that didn’t cost me a penny.

You can even print out and make masks from wimpykidclub.co.uk

low cost world book day

2 Where’s Wally

low cost world book day

Where’s Wally is another low cost World Book day costume that can mainly be created from items you already have. Blue trousers and a stripey top. And for just £1.99 you can get the hat and glasses from Amazon.

3 Animals

Chances are your child has an animal onesie that they like to snuggle in. If not invest in one as this is something that will be worn more then once.

  • Giraffe – Giraffe’s can’t dance
  • Tiger – The tiger who came to tea
  • Shark – Shark in the Park
  • Bear – Where There’s a bear there’s trouble
  • Cow – A Squash and a Squeeze
  • Monkey – Monkey Puzzle
  • Cat – The Wish Cat
  • Dog – Room on the Broom

4 Matilda

low cost World Book Day

A simple blue dress, maybe a red ribbon in her hair, and then it’s all about the props. Books obviously, but maybe a fake newt in a jar, or some hair glue.

5 George’s Marvellous Medicine

low cost World Book Day

Another low cost World Book day costume that is all about the props. Simple Jeans and a T-shirt with a name badge saying ‘George’ and a big pot or a bottle labelled ‘Marvellous Medicine’. You could even send them in with a recipe.

6 Evacuee

There are many books with evacuees, The Chronicles of Narnia, or Goodnight Mister Tom. A boys evacuee costume is pretty easy to cobble together from bits at home.

low cost world book day

I got this grey waistcoat for Big for a wedding when he was about four. He wore it for all of two minutes at the wedding, but it has since been used for Victorian dress up day and evacuee dress up day, and Titanic passenger dress up day. I think it could easily be used for an Oliver Twist costume too.

So in short if you have boys, get a grey waistcoat and it will serve you well!

7 Harry & the Bucketful of Dinosaurs

low cost World Book Day

If you have some plastic dinosaurs and a bucket a home, which chances are pretty high, then you can do this low cost World Books day costume. Just add jeans and a red top!

12 dinos for £2.90 from Amazon

8 Room on the Broom

low cost world book day

Time to dig out the Halloween costumes and reuse! Send them in with a cuddly cat and a cauldron and boom! This cauldron is just £4.89

9 Charlie & Lola

Charlie & Lola are simple costumes to put together from your kids wardrobes. But by far the best investment you can make for any low cost World Book day costumes, and any subsequent spotty days, or animal days or whatever random dress up days your kids have, is quite simply fabric pens. They will save your life. Especially if you need to write Charlie on a top!

10 Mr Men & Little Miss Characters

Google Mr Men costumes and there are some suprisingly effective and very low cost world book day ideas. Mr Bump is simply blue trousers and blue top with a bandage wrapped around the childs waist and head.

Little Miss Sunshine is dressed all in yellow with her hair in plaits and some freckles drawn on her face.

Good luck everyone!

What low cost World Book Day costumes have you scrapped together?

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low cost world book day costume ideas that are simple and quick

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