Businesses big and small are struggling due to Covid-19. I think it’s so important to support small businesses where you can. This is a small selection of great products for lock down that make great gifts, things to do, or treats, for either yourself or a loved one.

Cotton Clara

Embroidery made easy with some great items to keep both kids and grown ups busy. The rainbow boards are my favourites. I always have a few of these at home as I think they make great gifts. Everything you need is supplied. I’ve done a few during lock down and it’s been a lovely way to have some downtime. Plus rainbows seem to be the lock down logo!

great products for lock down

Toucan Box

I wasn’t a ‘crafty mum’ before lock down. I am now! We’ve been doing all sorts. I normally lack the inspiration, which is why I love craft kits that give you the ideas and the how to!

Toucan Box is an craft subscription box aimed at kids aged 3 – 8. Each box includes the materials required for a craft activity with easy to follow instructions, a magazine and some stickers. The subscription is a rolling monthly contract, so you can cancel at any time if you need to and there is no requirement to pay in advance for 6 months.

great products for lock down

Egg Nogg

I discovered these through my friend Sarah. As soon as I saw her picture of her girls colouring in a giant colouring sheet I was sold. It’s great to do outdoors in the sunshine, and equally it’s a great indoor activity for a rainy day. Egg Nogg also do normal sized colouring in activities!

Our arrived in the post today, and I will be cracking it out this weekend for the boys to do. Any items that give parents five minutes peace right now are great products for lock down!

great products for lock down

The Soap Mine

Hiding in the bathroom has become a popular activity during lock down! So why not pamper myself whilst I am there!

I love a bath bomb. The soap mine make bars of soap that look good enough to eat! They also do bath bombs. Always worth a follow on insta to see how these are made. It always makes me want to smell them!

I think we’ve all had up and down days during lock down. these would make a lovely gift for someone who is struggling right now.

great products for lock down

The Sweet Emperor

If you fancy a sweet treat these pick and mix buckets have something for everyone. To paraphrase a large sweet company, it’s one for the kids and the grown ups! A great gift to send to the grand kids, or your kids best mate.

great products for lock down

Nampa Apps

The Nampa games are cute fun and creative. No adds or in game purchases required, and no point scoring. These apps were designed by a friend of mine and my kids genuinely love them. There are a few in the Nampa collection now. I have recommended them in the past and my readers have loved them too.

Nampa Party

Raspberry Blossom

There are lots of great stationery sets on here. I particularly loved this rainbow set of cards. Perfect for the kids to send to family or friends, plus they practice writing and you tick something off your home school list! Raspberry Blossom have lots of great products for lock down.

Clara and Macy

My kids have mainly been happy with drawing and colouring in as their lock down activities. But we have also partaken in play-doh, board games, jigsaws, painting, baking. Some days I feel like I am running out of ideas! I love these activity tokens in a personalised jar. They are cute and practical.

Candy’s Cupcakes

You cannot visit this website without your mouth watering. I love these cakes in a jar. An amazing treat to send to a loved one or for yourself. In fact, forget the popcorn, I’m ordering these for our next movie night. Choosing which flavour is going to be tough.

Gardners Box

I love the idea of receiving a gift that is also something you can do with your time. I am clueless when it comes to gardening, so love the idea of receiving seeds picked for the time of year and full instructions as to what to do with them. These subscription boxes are a lovely idea.

Every business is struggling right now, and will be for some time. I think it’s important to support small businesses where we can. By buying from them, and by sharing them on social media.

Let’s not forget local business too. Buy a voucher online from your favourite restaurant or nail salon. It keeps them in business now and gives you a treat when this is all over.

Feel free to share any small businesses you love in the comments, or any great products for lock down.

This is not a paid post, just recommending these products and business because I have either tried them, or think they look great.

For full disclosure I have worked with Nampa in the past, but not for this post.

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