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This weeks guest post comes from Louise who blogs at Pink Pear Bear.  Do you remember how scary it was leaving the house for the first time with you new born baby?  My first few outings were pretty much disasters and huge learning curves, like the fact you really do need to take everything with you and prepare for every eventuality! 


Rookie Mistakes


The First Outing

So my story begins, as many epic tales do*, in a well known British supermarket. My darling girl was brand new. I’m talking mere weeks old and we were on an emergency trip. My sweet little baby had arrived far larger then expected. She was long, really long, before she’d even made it out, the midwife asked what size clothes we’d bought in for her and told us we may as well put the gorgeous newborn outfit I’d lovingly washed and ironed, (along with 20 or so other teeny outfits), back in the bag and keep out the one last minute, just in case 0-3 outfit I’d shoved in last minute. (Fyi this is the last time I ironed anything! In fact, my daughter aged around 4 actually asked my friend what her ironing board was! Oh the shame!)

Photo 1

Oh lookit!! My 2 babies! He has been her best friend from day 1, he would even lie with his head on my bump before she arrived.


So, once home, we realised we had a problem. My gorgeous babe was too long for everything we’d bought her and we lived in remote Wales and so had no access to baby clothes. We had resorted to cutting off the feet of the gros and putting socks on, it looked pretty bad!

Photo 2

Cut offs and socks, not a good look on anyone! 😀


So we packed up the car, the baby, the buggy, the kitchen sink and the baby bag I’d packed in preparation of her arrival some weeks, possibly months, (first baby!), before.

It was an hour and a half to the nearest supermarket. This was no teeny shop, it was a big one, a truly exciting superstore. I’m pretty sure we had to stop on the way to feed. It was a stressful journey I remember. We arrived, set up the buggy and lifted my darling girl from her seat. And realised that she had expelled the feed in dramatic fashion as only newborns can do. The car seat was full of it and it was up the back, out the sides and on the windows. (This is an exaggeration of my faded memory I’m sure! 😉 ) I decided to take her in and sort her out. It was December and freezing cold and she hated being naked at the best of times, I had no doubt that she would be most unimpressed with the indignity of being stripped off in the back of a cold car. Plus I was a newbie. It would be sometime before I would be adept at changing a baby on my lap, in an aeroplane toilet or with the wriggly little monster standing up.

I made a beeline for the (only!!!), baby change. A stinky corner of the disabled toilet. My little dot starting to become very aware of her empty tummy and poo ridden clothes. I got everything out of the bag ready, we were only using cotton wool and water as we’d been told, so I filled up the little pot with water and got the cotton wool ready. She was really unhappy now. Her piercing wails spearing my heart and telling my novice boobs to ready themselves. The stress and hormones meant I was starting to sweat even before I heard the queue forming.

I stripped her down and tried to get the worst of it off with my tiny bits of useless cotton wool, I could hear the queue becoming disgruntled even over the ear splitting screams and my stress levels were rocketing. I ended up washing her in the sink and hastily trying to dry her with fluffy bits of cotton wool which ended up sticking to her damp bottom, making her look like an angry little rabbit. I got her into a fresh nappy and then decided to try and feed her.

This was the worst idea I’d ever had. We were new to feeding, I needed somewhere calm and quiet to sit and mess around with the latch we had yet to perfect, and perched on a toilet lid with a frustrated hungry newborn, my let down out of control and the voices of some very irritated people outside was one of the worst moments of my life.

I decided to abandon my plan and get back to the car. By this point I was near tears. I knew I needed to get her into her outfit as it was December in Britain and I needed to go outside to get to the car park. I got the outfit out and realised with abject horror that I had packed the bag pre-giant baby arrival. I only had a new born suit!

So I left that toilet, sweat pouring, boobs leaking, buggy loaded with bag with bits of fluff and poo stained clothing poking out, near to tears and carrying a screaming baby whose long mottled purple legs were hanging out of the suit that was flapping off her. I tried not to meet anyone’s eye and raced to find my husband, beside myself with distress. He gave me the car keys, took the buggy and I legged it to the car.

Half an hour later, she was fed, my hubby had returned to the car with a new wardrobe for her and a cuppa and a chocolate bar for me and my (relative!) sanity had been restored.

Moral of the story; don’t be organised and do things in advance! 😉

Photo 3

Of course we got over this little hiccup!! 😀

*This is not true, I doubt any epic tales begin in supermarkets! 😀


ImageAbout Louise:  My name is Louise and I am Mama to two gorgeous kiddies aged 5 and 3. I have been with my gorgeous hubby for 13 years, married for 7 and we live in Gloucestershire, UK. I can be mostly found making cakes, eating cakes and doing the crafts at playgroup when small boy has wandered off. I also love tea, castles, nights out, (although it takes me far too long to recover now!), laughing with my friends, running, chocolate, crochet, drawing and tattoos. When I get the chance, I love being outdoors, camping, travelling, reading, oh, and writing of course!!


You can follow Louise’s blog Pink Pear Bear on facebook, twitter and YouTube


How did your first outing with your newborn go?


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20 Comments on Rookie Mistakes – The First Outing

  1. Maybe its the hormones but i actually felt a little tear of joy well up inside me at the point where your husband bought you a chocolate bar. Glad you survived the trip and tbh i don’t remember too much about taking mine out the first time. Soon after though was on the bus when he suddenly got hungry and i had to feed him in front of what seemed like lots of very interested neighbours. Felt as if i was naked – well i was a bit Jo 🙂 #fridayfrolics

    • That is really sweet! (Hormones have a lot to answer for!!) First feed on the bus sounds a bit traumatic!!!! But when they’re hungry they’re hungry and I think a quiet feeding baby is far better then a screaming hungry one in a confined space! 🙂

  2. I took the boy for his 6 week jabs & he needed a feed in the waiting room. Of course this resulted in an equal ejection from the other end which was SO loud and went EVERYWHERE. #fridayfrolics

  3. Oh this sounds very familiar! Why do they always do the biggest poo when you are out and when you only have the teeniest, tiniest piece of cotton wool! #FridayFrolics

  4. This sounds so familiar! My daughter had reflux so I spent a lot of time in the first 6 months apologising to café owners for her being sick all over their floors. #fridayfrolics

  5. Oh no!!! At least you survived to tell the tale, right?! I dont remember my first outing…I’m guessing it was so traumatic that i’ve put a mental block on it! #fridayfrolics

  6. Hm, I actually don’t reemerged my first visit out of the house with baba. I either blocked it out or my mum was with me to take the lead. ..not that baba was on a lead! #Fridayfrolics

  7. It’s always like that. First time I tried to go for a walk with the babe, he was crying so much, I run back home after 5 minutes… At least, it’s a memory you will never forget #FridayFrolics

  8. Oh I sympathise! On our first visit out of the house alone, my daughter decided to challenge my parenting skills with the biggest nappy I’d ever seen, and those little cotton wool balls did NADA! I went home and put some wipes in the changing bag right away!

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