As parents we make many rookie mistakes. These mistakes can leave us sobbing like a baby, pulling our hair out in frustration, or longing for the ground to open up and swallow us.


Eventually after enough time has passed we stop rocking in the corner, we are able to laugh about them.  This series is dedicated to the honest parents who admit they sometimes often get it wrong.  After all, I have yet to meet a Pintrest perfect parent in the actual flesh.


Rookie Misrtakes Large



Every Wednesday I feature a post from a fantastic guest blogger about their funny and insightful parenting fails.  


This weeks guest post involves baby monitors and comes from Mandy who blogs at Oh Mother.  




The baby monitor has not been my friend so far. Thanks to my time poor/half-arsed approach to reading instructions common to so many new parents, it’s possible for even the most dependable devices to rebel against me.


Little miss has been in her room for less than a month and in those weeks hubby and I have been woken up in the early hours more times than I care to mention by the monitor’s frantic beeping when we forget to charge it enough before we go to bed. I’ve also committed the cardinal sin of bringing the parent unit into the nursery when I check on little miss before I go to bed, meaning it ends up too close to the baby unit and startles my sweetly sleeping baby out of sleep with a needy, high frequency rasp.


Probably the most lamentable gaffe coincided with a tummy bug which laid little miss low (and produced an endless churn of runny nappies) in the New Year. Worried that she’d poo in the night and aggravate what was already a very sore little bum, I decided to crank up the volume on the monitor so that I could be sure that any night-time nappy filling would wake me up like a special, squelchy alarm clock.


Things have been a little fractious to say the least with our downstairs neighbour, who sleeps directly below our bedroom, since little miss arrived (he likes playing ear-splittingly loud music, we have an ear-splittingly loud baby), but I reasoned that as long as I switched the parent unit off when I heard the first telltale signs that daughter was doing the dirty, he would be none the wiser.


My plan nearly worked. When little miss started her usual routine of squirming, grunting and slamming her legs down on the mattress at 3am, I tiptoed into her room and started what I hoped would be a swift, peaceful nappy change, marvelling at my motherly efficiency.


Then the tummy bug threw everything it had at me and more. I had to draft in hubby, who had conveniently got up to go to the bathroom, to help as the changing mat became a quagmire. Little miss’ sleepsuit, gro-bag and sheets all bore the brunt, some seeped onto the carpet and we were left with a hyperactive, amused and somewhat relieved baby who was in no mood for going back to bed.


It was only some twenty minutes in to operation shitstorm that I realised that I hadn’t turned the parent unit off in our room. Our neighbour would have heard the whole sorry saga in cranked-up, crystal clear audio, from my first desperate cries for help, hubby shouting ‘have you cleaned her bum yet?’ when he took over temporarily as I ran to wash my hands, a full five minutes of us bickering about how best to get baby poo out of the carpet and several more trying to settle little miss back to sleep.


As we shuffled back to bed feeling guilty and battle-weary, we heard a solitary door slam. It was a gesture that could have been much more aggressive, but on its own it still spoke volumes. Unfortunately, so had the monitor!



About Oh Mother!:

rookie mistakesOh Mother is written by Mandy, a young professional turned frazzled first-timer stumbling through the thrills and spills of parenthood.
Formerly a London-based PR type, now holed up in the Chilterns with little miss mini-me. Married to her husband and her steriliser.


You can follow Mandy’s blog Oh Mother on twitter.



Have you made any Rookie Mistakes with the baby monitor?


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  1. Ahh not charging a monitor, then being woken up in the middle of the night when it beeps at rock concert volume! Classic! So glad someone else has done this too and not just me!

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