I hate clothes shopping.  There are lots of people out there who hate clothes shopping, and they are perfectly comfortable with that.  The problem is, I don’t want to hate clothes shopping.  I want to love it.


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I have experienced what clothes shopping feels like when you are happy with the way your body looks. When I originally lost 6 and a half stone, I spent lots of time fantasising about a new wardrobe and saving for it. So when that day came, I dragged the husband to our local shopping center, mainly to carry all my bags. We were there from when the shops opened, to when they closed, and I can honestly say it was one of the happiest days of my life (apart from the obvious wedding and kids business).

It was amazing because I had a choice of clothes, and not the only thing that fitted me and looked ok. I liked everything on me. Plus I was two sizes smaller than I thought which is always a confidence booster.

I want to have that experience every time.  Right now clothes shopping is something I do alone because I find it so mortifying and depressing.  

Here are my ten reasons that I hate clothes shopping.  Maybe you can relate.

1 There are some clothes shops so ‘trendy’ and intimidating I have never been in them.

2 How can one top fit, yet another top in the same store only fits if I go two sizes up?

3 The mirrors lie.  Because when I get home what I thought looked nice, looks awful!  Where can I get one of those lying mirrors for my home?

4 It’s really hard to find clothes that are flattering.  Why is everything short and sleeveless?

5 It looked great on the mannequin. 

6 I feel old when things are fashionable that I wore 20 years ago.

7 I’m embarrassed that the person serving me sees what dress size I am.  I know this is ridiculous and they don’t care.  They are probably far more like to laugh at how much I am paying compared to what they would pay with their staff discount.

8 I’ve tried on 20 things and not one of them fits in all the right places.

9 All the shop assistants are young, slim and beautiful, and Gok is nowhere to be seen.

10 That stomach dropping feeling when you can’t get something off that you have tried on.

Needless to say I have a beautiful collection of handbags.  Handbags are not sizeist and always look good on me. 

Loving Me is a weekly weight loss series following the LighterLife Fast plan.


My Weight Loss Diary

What is LighterLife Fast?

LighterLife Fast is based on the 5:2 diet concept.  You eat healthily for 5 days and then fast for 2 days on restricted calories.  On the fast days you eat 4 of the LighterLife Fast food packs.  These food packs give you 100% of your daily nutrition.

Week Six:

Stay away from the Halloween sweets!

There has been so much temptation around this week.  And whilst my fasting days have been fine, on my non-fasting days I’ve not eaten as healthily as I could have.  A few treats have been consumed.  

But rather than getting into a spiral of feeling like I’ve blown my chances of loosing weight so I’m going to just eat what i want anyway, I am not dwelling on it or feeling negative about it.  Instead I have written some goals down to give me a fresh focus and planned my meals for next week.

I also confided in some very special ladies this week, who gave me such a confidence boost and have made me feel really motivated.  Thank-you Fanta girls. x

I am away this weekend, but the rest of the week i am going to be focused and motivated.

In other news LighterLife Fast have some shiny new packaging hitting the shelves in Superdrug.  It looks really fresh and I love the fact that it doesn’t scream ‘diet’ at you so looks discreet in your shopping basket.  Here’s a sneak peek…


 Week Six Weight Loss:






Total Weight Loss = 12 Pounds in six weeks.

Really want to get my first stone next week.

16 pounds left to go for my Christmas goal of 2 stone.


If you wish to find out more about LighterLife Fast visit lighterlifefast.com  LighterLife Fast products are available exclusively at Superdrug.

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Come back next week for part seven of Loving Me.

This is a collaborative post.


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  1. We need to bring back Gok. I hate shopping for clothes. They are always boiling hot, you wait ages for a changing room and then I normally get stuck in something and have to call for a shop assistant to help remove the clothing from me! You are doing really well with your weightloss. Can’t wait to read the next one.

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