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This guest series normally features words by other bloggers.  Words to cut through the barrage of advice being thrown at you and make you laugh, or tell you it doesn’t matter how you are doing it, because in truth there is no ‘right’ way.  We are all just winging it.

Sometimes however a picture as they say speaks a thousand words.  So this months How to Parent feature is brought to you in comic form.


7 simple tips for how take care of a baby


1 Teach the baby essential words

… And regret it forever more!


2 Never wake a sleeping baby

… if you want to live


3 Don’t make any rigid plans for the next 2 – 3 years

… but you can’ be spontaneous either.


4 Ensure you save for a rainy day

…or the next growth spurt.


5 Being a good parent is all about having the right equipment

…and knowing when to use it.


6 Trust a mother’s instincts

…or ignore at your own risk.


7 Never ignore the laundry

…It will defeat you.

take care of a baby


About Babyhood…



Babyhood is a comic series about #firsttimeparents bringing up a baby in the burbs by Paul Woods.

Paul lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife, one year old son and a very spoilt Staffordshire Terrier. He has been doing cartoons and illustrations for print and online media for about 12 years.

Follow Babyhood on Instagram.


Thanks to Paul for taking part in this series with this brilliant illustrations.  

This post is part of the How to Parent series.  If you wish to take part in the series you can email your submissions to claire@lifeloveanddirtydishes.com

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