Why and how you should update your old posts:

Welcome to my monthly Blog Geek Tips feature where I share some blogging tips from both myself and some fellow bloggers.  This month I’m talking about why and how you should regularly update old posts and keep them fresh.


Updating Old posts


Why Should You Update Old Posts?

1)  Blog posts are for life, not just for Christmas!  Whilst you put all the promotional work into a post when it goes live, 6 months later it is still there and hopefully still being read. In fact only a few months ago my stats soared because of people sharing one of my posts that was 8 months old.

2)  You probably know a lot more about blogging now than 6 months ago, and if you went back to some of your old posts you could probably improve them with your new knowledge and improved writing.

3)  You can introduce your new followers to older posts by updating and re-sharing and giving them a whole new lease of life and love.

4)  A subject that you wrote about may become newsworthy, what better time to dust off an old post and re-share.

5)  It keeps your blog looking up to date and professional.  I use the Evergreen plugin to regularly re-tweet all my posts.  But once a week I update an old post and share on my facebook page and within my newsletter as a throwback post.


How to Update an Old Blog Post


Has your writing style changed?  Have a read through and see if you can make an improvements, or do you have anything to add?


Have you learnt a few more tricks using PicMonkey that could really enhance the post?  Do you have a newer photograph that would work really well?  Does it have a pin-able image?  


Can you do anything to improve the SEO for the post?  Use the Yoast SEO plug in to ensure your post in ‘green’ in the traffic light system.  Although be warned continually updating the SEO won’t make it rank any higher, and could have a detrimental effect. Only do it for posts over three months old and only do it once.

Back Links

Could you add some back links to newer posts that you have written?  What about related content?


Do you have a call to action or subscription form that you have started using since writing the post originally?  If so add it to the bottom of the old post too.


Share your updated post through your social media channels and join in a few linkys with it and could reach a whole new audience.


Check out these posts for more reasons and ways to keep your old posts fresh!


I hope you find this post useful.  Let me know if there is a blog geek subject you would like some tips on.


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  1. Oh my God. Oh my GOD. OH MY GOD. Do you realise you have just smacked me between the eyes with the most revolutionary piece of information EVER in my blogger life?! I genuinely thought you’ve been scheduling those tweets with your old posts on your twitter timeline all this time!!! There’s a damned plugin?! I’m so embarrassed right now…

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