Welcome to my monthly Blog Geek Tips feature where I share some blogging tips from both myself and some fellow bloggers.  This month I am talking about the best kept blogging secrets.  There are lots of posts out there with advice on how to do things, but every now and then you discover something that rocks your world.

Why?  Well either it’s something blindingly obvious that you never knew about that makes you feel like a novice all over again, or it’s an eureka moment that saves you time or changes the way you work for the better.  Kind of like when you found out baby grows could be rolled down the body after a poonami instead of over the head.  Or that OXO cubes can be crumbled inside the foil wrap to save all the mess.  Life changing stuff!

So delve into my best kept blogging secrets, and find out what some of my blogging friends had to say.  

Image of a green shed with a padlock and text saying 'best kept blogging secrets'


Invite people that like your posts to like your page on Facebook.
As far as I’m aware this can only be done on the desktop site and not from an app, however it’s a fantastic way to increase your page likes.  I’ve found it really works.

Step by steb guide on how to invite people who have liked your facebook post to like your facebook page


Change shareaholic settings so you know when you are being shared!
This may seem really obvious but I had no idea until it was pointed out to me.  You can add your twitter handle to the settings, so if someone shares your post twitter tells you, and you can thank that person.  It makes life much easier for the person sharing your post, as more than likely they want you to know they are sharing it.


Create multiple links on an image.
This made my life so much easier, and can be applied in so many ways.  For example, my footer on my blog posts:

Facebook @lifeloveanddd Instagram Pinterest Bloglovin Image HTML map generator

It’s really easy to do using HTML Map Creator.  You simply paste your image URL from your media files, then select the areas you want to apply links to and paste those links. Once complete it generates a code for you to use in your posts.


Test how your site is running
People are easily put off by a slow running site.  There are lots of great free resources out there, I love Google’s Test My Site.  Just by entering your URL it gives you a breakdown on how your site is running in terms of mobile friendliness, mobile speed and desktop speed.  It gives you a score out of 100 for each area and tells you if it is good or in fact poor!  You can even request a free detailed report which is emailed to you so you can work on improvements.  As a complete novice when it comes to building a website I find tools like this invaluable.  I might not always know what it’s telling me to fix, but it’s a starting point!

Here are some top secrets from some fellow bloggers, some may help, some may show we all have face palm moments!


Mum Muddling Through:  My epiphany was uploading the editorial calendar plug in. It was like seeing clearly once the rain had gone, helped my organised brain visualise what on earth I was doing…esp when hosting a weekly linky & guest series.


Mr & Mrs T Plus Three: When I discovered IFTTT (If This Then That) it cut out on loads of time; it does things like post a picture to Twitter instead of just a link when you upload to Instagram, and sends that same Instagram pic to your Facebook page and will pin it on a specific board for you etc so you don’t have to. You can set it up to pin the featured images from every blog post to a specific board (amazing for me as I am rubbish at Pinterest!) There are loads more ways in which you can use it to automate blogging/social media. Little time savers like these really make me happy and definitely enhance the way I work and productivity!


Love From Mim: Discovering awesome plugins that save time – such as Duplicate Post or Bottom of Every Post – those ones changed my blogging life and I wish I’d known about them from the start! 


Brummy Mummy of 2: I didn’t know for a good 18 months that you could schedule posts or tweets. So I used to sit there during the day and tweet posts every few hours.  I always had to make sure that I was by my computer when I wanted a post to go live. Lets just say? TweetDeck? May have saved my marriage!


Motherhood The Real Deal:   The thing that changed my blogging life was when I finally got the hang of SEO and didn’t have to bust a get to get my posts noticed.


Just Saying Mum:  Finding Cuddle Fairy’s linky guide changed my life!


Absolutely Prabulous:  I’ve started getting into the habit of taking a screenshot of my latest post featured image and sharing it on Instagram with a little comment and obviously relevant hashtags and placing the link in the bio.  I’ve actually had traffic to my site from it from people who aren’t necessarily following me on my other social media channels.


You Baby Me Mummy: Editorial calendar – this revolutionised my blogging and I can’t believe that I ever managed without it, I would be lost now if someone took it away.  Another one would be social oomph.  I used to spend so many hours inputting tweets but it takes me a couple of minutes with social oomph.


Run Jump Scrap: So when I was on blogger…I could never understand why my scheduled posts never went live….I never hit the publish button!!


What Katy Said: Something I learned at BlogOn last year actually was definitely something that made me think differently about my blog. I had been accepting different review items of varying value and wondered when I would ever get that big break. They told us at BlogOn, treat each blog post as a page of advertising. Each page should have equal value. So if you do a review of a 1.99 block of cheese and then another day do a review of a 500 quid camera, in the end those bigger brands will just think ‘hang on, why should we give her bigger, more expensive stuff when she gives the same ad space to smaller cheaper items?’ So from that day I stopped with the cheaper items (or if I really wanted them I put them in a roundup) and now I am offered much better opps.


Mummy in a Tutu: I had a eureka moment when I discovered that there was an app called hashtags which ready made sets of hashtags for me in all sorts of categories and being able to make custom made ones too. This has really changed my social media growth particularly instagram and seriously boosted my numbers. When speaking to a lot of other bloggers they had no idea the app existed.


The Less Refined Mind: The best thing I ever did was to embed a sign-up form at the bottom of my posts. Having had the option in my sidebar for forever, I didn’t expect much to come of it. It did: game changer. 


Hello Baby: Charging your iPhone in aeroplane mode charges it twice as fast; ideal for when you need to charge it in a hurry.


Why not share some of your blogging secrets in the comments…


I hope you find this post useful.  Let me know if there is a blog geek subject you would like some tips on.


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Claire Kirby

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  1. Fantastic advice here! I often got page like invites from people, and I could never work out how they knew to send them to me if we weren’t friends. I will definitely be trying this one! Thanks 🙂

  2. Fantastic tips from lots of great bloggers! I love my editorial calendar, it is the most useful tool I’ve found.

  3. Oh wow – what a little gem of a post – so many fantastic tips. Thank you for including mine! I love the embedded follow blog tip. Also Prabs tip about IG sharing of a post is such a good idea too – I always then pop the link of the post in my IG bio so people can click directly to the post and not have to go through my main site. Thank you so much for sharing this post, Claire xx

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