Sometimes in life we get things wrong.  Sometimes it’s a revelation when we realise the right way to do something and we can feel like we are the last to to know that we have been doing it all wrong.  It’s some kind of conspiracy that everyone else on the planet knew, but you didn’t.

Now I have a fair few of these myself, but I thought I would reach out to make myself feel a bit better about not being the only one that’s been doing it all wrong for the last 39 years.

I've been doing it all wrong



Lightbulb moments


Up until a few years ago I didn’t realise you could freeze bread. We’d end up with a lot of wastage and it was a revelation discovering I could stop wasting food and money!  Home and Horizons

I have only just realised there is a little ledge inside a formula box for levelling off the scoop spoon. I’ve been sterilising a plastic knife for years to use to level off spoons and I’ve only just realised I didn’t need to at all.  Ever After With Kids

I’d never known that you could push in these little flaps at the ends of clingfilm or foil boxes to keep the tube in place when tearing it off until someone showed me! So much easier. Kid Transit

To my shame I have to admit that I only realised two years ago that the brush-like attachment you get with most hoovers is for dusting furniture etc. I know I joke on the blog about being a hopeless housewife but that is just pathetic! Absolutely Prabulous

I thought for 35 years that the numbers on the toaster represented degrees of toastiness. They actually represent minutes of toasting. Mumzilla

I was well into my 20s before I realised the bumpy bit on a bobby pin was the bit that went next to your scalp. They actually stay in place if you do them that way! Me, Annie Bee


What did you say?


I used to think the term ‘lucked out’ meant your luck had ran out.  It was a bad thing.  It was a phrase I said regularly.  I once said it to my best friend and she corrected me.  But I wasn’t having any of it.  I argued my reasoning so hard I convinced her that I was right and it was her that had been saying it wrong all these years!  It was another few years before I found out the truth!  I’m not the only one that has been having these mishaps…

I always thought the song Nights in White Satin was KNIGHTS!  Oh how naive I was. But I’m still waiting to see a video of jousting knights dressed head to toe in white satin.  Sinead Latham 

Until a year ago(age 32) I thought ‘albeit’ was pronounced ‘al-bite’. I’ve done presentations to hundreds of people, and always said ‘al-bite’. Oh, the shame.  Pass The Prosecco, Please

I went for an army interview and said how I really wanted to join a certain Corp. I pronounced it how it’s spelt (with a p).. the sergeant corrected me with the pronunciation “core”… Then I said no “Corp”… I die thinking about it. Then There Were Three

My partner thought the term “Molly-coddled” was in fact “mummy-cuddled” and when corrected said his way made more sense!  The Baby Boat Diaries

Literally until about 2 minutes ago I genuinely thought the name for someone who you blamed for mistakes was an ‘escape goat’! Turns out it’s actually scapegoat! 🐐 Mommy and Rory

I had no idea that the words to YMCA said “Young Man” until I saw it on a karaoke last year. I’ve been singing “Yo Man!” for 37 years! Five Little Doves

I love using idiomatic expressions but not since a blogger corrected me when I said “rain on my pride” instead of rain on my parade. She totally rained on my PRIDE. My Parenting Journey

Dire Strait’s Money for Nothing…which I thought went Money for Nothing and Your Chips for Free…it’s Chicks not chips obvs!!!  Motherhood: The Real Deal


Why did no one tell me…

Those things that me might not want to admit we got wrong!

Chester Draws, I honestly had NO idea they were Chest Of Drawers! Mummies Waiting

It took me a shameful amount of time to realise that cows are female, I just assumed there were both males and females and that they all had udders you could milk. Rice Cakes & Raisins

I thought that an ‘air guitar’ was a blow up plastic guitar and my friends let me think it for years. Then I Became Mum

I thought that all old people ended up with false teeth! Both sets of grandparents had them so I just thought that’s what happened. I only realised it wasn’t true a few years ago when my Gran told me to look after my teeth and everyone laughed when I said “they’ll only fall out one day anyway.” Little Big and Me


Mind blown 

And I have saved the best for last…

Not me but a friend’s girlfriend thought that seahorses were fairytale creatures, like mermaids and fairies. She saw some in a tank when she was out one day (she was in her late twenties at the time) and became almost hysterical – she couldn’t believe they were actually real. A long conversation ensued, clarifing whether numerous other mythical creatures really existed also.  The Mum Conundrum



39 Years Life Experience is a series about turning 40.  To celebrate and try and come to terms with the next milestone I will be sharing a post each month about the things that I have learnt, and the things that matter to me, and maybe a few of my more embarrassing experiences, from my 39 years life experience. You can read more posts from the series here:


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  1. Lol these are brilliant. I have to confess that while I did know the brush attachment was for dusting furniture, I’m not sure I’ve ever actually used it! I suspect it only gets used when my mum comes to stay and decides to do my hoovering for me! Love the image of knights in white satin.

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