I’m not someone who is into designer clothes and brand names.  My experience is normally that they are very expensive and that the quality doesn’t always justify the price tag.  I’m more of the mentality of buying three items for the price of that one.  

These thoughts particularly apply to buying clothes for my boys.  If it’s not stained within two wears, it’s grown out of pretty damn quick!  However, when I was asked if I would like to review Saltrock kids t-shirts, I thought I would try them out.  My boys always need clothes!

I have never bought from Saltrock before but after browsing their website and receiving the t-shirts I am a Saltrock convert.  And here’s why… 

Saltrock kids t-shirts

1 The Quality

I’m always so cautious of buying any t-shirts with transfers on because normally after a few washes the transfers crack and the t-shirt looks like a well loved hand-me down rather than new.  The Saltrock t-shirts are great quality and still look like new after several washes.

Saltrock kids t-shirts

My little poser

At the risk of sounding incredibly old and dull, they wash really well!  These photos were taken on a day at the beach.  The boys had had a picnic with major stain culprits such as strawberries and ice lollies.  They had played at the park, in the sand, and in the water. They had been slathered in sun cream several times.  And the T-shirts still looked great.  At this stage of the day my sons clothes normally make them resemble one of the kids in Oliver!

Saltrock kids t-shirts

Any 7 year old worth his salt must dab in all photos!

2 The Designs

I love seeing kids in bright colours and there’s plenty of them to chose from at saltrock.com and designs to suit all ages.  

Saltrock kids t-shirts

Saltrock kids t-shirts

3 The Price

This is the bit that really shocked me.  The website has huge discounts.  the green T-shirt warn by Little was £5 and the red one worn by Big was £7.50.  I think that’s really reasonable for a brand name, and the quality that you are getting.  They also have lots of 3 for 2 deals.

Saltrock kids t-shirts

As well as choosing the t-shirt’s, I also chose these hoodies for the boys.  These were in the clearance but are fantastic quality.  The red one was reduced from £50 to £10 and is really thick.  It’s like a giant hug.  Grab yours now for the winter!  The grey one was reduced from £35 to £7.50.  

Saltrock kids t-shirts

Saltrock kids t-shirts

I am a complete convert to Saltrock and will be using this website as my go to when we have another growth spurt.

The only minor criticism I have is that the sizes are on the large size.  My boys normally wear clothes sized according to their age, but the Saltrock items were big on them.  I’m all for the growing into it philosophy, and know that they will last because of the high quality. However if you want something to fit now, I would suggest ordering a size smaller than you normally would.

Discount For My Readers

Check out the website for yourself and grab some bargains.  Saltrock have kindly offered my readers a 10% discount* off their orders.  To use this offer just click the button below.


*Offer ends 22/12/2017.  Discount can only be applied once per customer.


Saltrock sent me these clothes in return for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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Claire Kirby

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  1. Wow this looks like such a great website! The prices are unreal & it’s really good to know that the clothes are of good quality. I have a 7 year old who dabs in all photos – they’d get on great! x

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