Love it or hate it valentine’s day is just around the corner. What immediately springs to mind when you think of valentine’s day gifts? Flowers, of course.

The Flower Shop is a business local to me in the Southampton area and they kindly sent me the biggest bouquet of flowers I have ever received in my life.

The Flower Shop

Twenty four red roses to be precise. They are stunning. They also really reminded me of my wedding bouquet which was a simple but beautiful posy of red roses. Both were equally heavy!

The Flower Shop

Why flowers?

I’m really fussy when it comes to flowers. My favourite is a simple bunch of tulips. I love flowers, but I really love simple bouquets. But that’s the great thing about flowers, there is something to suit everyone’s taste, from the simple, to the flamboyant.

I also think flowers are a lovely gift for any occasion. Flowers are for life, not just for Christmas, or in this case valentine’s. My only exception to this rule is don’t send flowers as a gift for a new mum. She’s got a new life to take care of, she doesn’t have time to take care of flowers right now too. Any other time they are a much appreciated gift. And a really simple way to say I’m thinking of you, thank-you, or I love you.

The Flower Shop

The bouquet I received from the flower shop came in an aqua pack and had easy to follow care instructions. They smelt amazing and are still going strong a week later.

The Flower Shop

Traditional or untraditional, that is the question.

Red roses are of course the traditional valentine’s bouquet, as they are the symbol of love. Your decision might simply be how many.

However, if you want a less traditional valentines gift, The Flower shop has something for everyone. From pretty colour pallets, to your recipients favourite blooms.

These are just a few examples of amazing boquets from The Flower Shop.

Or of course there is my kind of bouquet!

The Flower Shop

About The Flower Shop

The Flower Shop has three branches all over Southampton. There is The Flower Shop Eastleigh, The Flower Shop Bassett, and The Flower Shop Chandlers Ford.

“The Flower Shop has been at the forefront of the floral industry for several years now. Because of our excellent performance when it comes to sending lovely flowers throughout the United Kingdom, we have won numerous awards.” 

The Flower Shop also offers delivery within the day. Each delivery is packed with water to ensure that the flowers will travel safely and will retain their beautiful condition. The Flower Shop also follow an eco-friendly packaging and wrapping process.

The Flower Shop


The Flower Shop are running a giveaway at the moment where you could win 100 roses! Now that’s a Kanye style valentine’s!

This has been such a hard 12 months for everyone. By entering this giveaway, you are not only getting a chance to win 100 roses for someone you love, you are also supporting a local business.

Anyone from Southampton who is 18 and over can join the contest.

Here is how to enter the giveaway…

Send an email to with a picture of you and the person you love the most.

Explain to them why this person deserves to receive 100 red roses on Valentine’s Day.

The Flower Shop team will decide who has the most creative, sweet, or funny message that deserves to win.


The contest will run from February 1st to February 10th. As this is a local contest, they will only accept entries from residents of our local delivery area.

Only one entry per email account is accepted. You can share the contest with your family and friends but note that the prize is non-transferable. Should you have any questions about this Valentine’s Day 2021 giveaway, you can reach out to You can find out more here.


If you are in Southampton The Flower Shop is a great place for you to find your perfect Valentine’s bouquet. I’m now going to email the link to this post to the husband as a subtle hint!

Good luck in the giveaway.

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