In the next few years we have a few 70th birthdays coming up in our family, including my Dad and my Mother-in-law. What do you buy someone for a 70th birthday gift? Especially someone who is hard to buy for, and you want it to be a significant and thoughtful gift. Fortunately Historic Newspapers asked me to review one of their products, and I now have my answer.

70th birthday gift

The historic birthday newspaper book…

The book contains a copy of front page of the Daily Mirror from the recipients birthday for every year since their birth.

Opposite every printed cover is a ‘remember when’ page where either you or the recipient can add photographs or memories that coincide with that particular year.

“The Daily Mirror is Britain’s best-selling post-war newspaper up to the 1970s since it was established in 1903. Through broad journalistic content, including photographs (something many competing titles didn’t utilise), advertisements etc. the Daily Mirror provides superior insight into the past.”

70th birthday gift


The cover can be personalised with a name and date of birth which is embossed onto the leather hand bound book. You can create a personalised message for the inside page.

70th birthday gift


The book is A3 hardback with your choice of leather or leatherette cover. It comes in a presentation box to protect the book.

My thoughts

This is a lovely quality book. But it’s more than a book. It’s a walk down memory lane. It’s a piece of history. Page two of our book had a story about Princess Margret that was a significant story line in the Crown. So straight away I was hooked!

So many historical moments are recorded. From IRA bombings to Prime Ministers and Princess Diana. There’s even a front page where you can win a date with Jason Donovan which made me smile as I entered that competition and sadly didn’t win!

It’s also really interesting to see how culture and journalism changes over the years. From the advertisements, to the headlines. What starts as a very news driven newspaper becomes more salacious and filled with celebrity gossip. Fashions change, language changes. The price changes a lot too!

It makes a really lovely keepsake gift that holds a lot of memories. It’s perfect for a 70th Birthday gift.

70th birthday gift
70th birthday gift

Other occasions

I think the newspaper book is perfect for a milestone birthday. But it could also be used for anniversaries, and doesn’t have to be for a milestone occasion at all. It’s a really thoughtful and interesting gift for someone special in your life.

70th birthday gift

Other gifts

Historic Newspapers have gifts for every budget. Framed prints of covers, mugs, an original copy of the newspaper from a date of your choice in a presentation book. You can even enjoy your favourite tipple which comes in a presentation box with an original newspaper from your chosen date.

Visit historic newspapers for some great gift inspiration and a little piece of history.

I was sent this product to review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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