I have never been embarrassed to talk about periods.  Growing up, they were never a taboo subject in my house.  My Dad would quite happily pick me up sanitary towels from the supermarket, as would my husband now.

I’m not ashamed of my period… 

I started my periods at eleven, and was regular as clockwork from day one.  So by the time I was fourteen, I was pretty relaxed about what was going on each month.  So when the boys in my tutor group decided to empty the contents of my school bag, hoping to embarrass me with the array of tampons and sanitary towels that spilled out, their plan backfired.  I was not embarrassed in the slightest.  More confused as to why they thought I would be.  They were the ones left looking immature and rather red faced in the end.  When the teacher came in and asked what was going on and I said, “I guess they wanted to see what a tampon looked like”.

Period Problems…

As much as periods do not embarrass me, they are the bane of my life.  All the cramps, all the hormones, all of the heavy bleeding.  Periods are no fun, and I am up for anything that makes living with them easier.  Including copious amounts of chocolate.

One of the main period problems I come up against is other people’s bathrooms.  Some people don’t have a bin in their bathroom.  Some do, but have an open style bin that quite happily displays it’s contents for all to see.  Now whilst I see no shame in people knowing I am on my period, I’d rather they didn’t see the messy bits we need to dispose of.

fab little bag

Period Solutions….

This is where Fab Little Bag comes to the rescue.  These bags fit easily into your handbag, even a girls night out handbag, the ones with room for a lipstick and not much else.  The biodegradable bags have loops either side so you can open them with one hand and place you tampon or sanitary towel inside.  You then peel of a strip to seal the bag closed and it’s ready for the bin.  Or in the absence of a bin, you can put it safely and hygienically in your handbag to dispose of later.

They are mess free and really easy to use.  My only draw back was the sticky part of the sanitary towel stuck to the bag as I was trying to put it in.  The next time I just wrapped a sheet of toilet roll around the pad first and then it slid in the bag no problem.

I will definately keep the handbag pack in my bag, but I also quite liked using them in my own bathroom.  It just made everything more hygenic and contained.

Get Your Fab Little Bag…

A handbag pack comes with a refillable envelope containing 5 fab little bags for £1.99 (excluding postage) from fablittlebag.com.  Fab Little Bag also offer a subscription service.  A bathroom pack containing 20 bags is delivered to you each month for just £2.99. It’s a great price for a great product.

The fab little bag is simple and effective and left me wondering where it had been all my life.  

fab little bag

I was compensated for my time to write this review, but all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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