I don’t write a huge amount of reviews on this blog.  But now and again I get offered something to review that I just can’t say no to. And let’s face it who is going to say no to a vacuum cleaner that does the job for you?  In the thirty seconds it took me to consider the opportunity I came up with 6 things I could do whilst the RoboVac 11 was vacuuming…

1 Read a book.  An actual book with words, not pictures.

2 Drink a hot cup of tea.

3 Indulge in my current Netflix binge.

4 Workout.  An actual workout, not the workout I claim to have whilst doing the vacuuming.

5 Watch cat videos on YouTube.

6 Paint my nails.




I’m not sure if it’s a sign of my rapidly approaching forties, or if I am just really sad, but I was ridiculously excited about receiving my RoboVac.

I am really pleased to say it didn’t disappoint.  It’s a total game changer.  I can turn the RoboVac on and take the kids to school, by the time I get home my floors are clean!  Of course when the kids get home and create mini whirl winds in my living room it needs doing again.  And lets be honest, vacuuming is the last thing I want to do during the witching hour.  But my new best friend is on hand.  RoboVac does the work whilst I put the kids to bed. 



I have different floor surfaces in my house, carpets, laminate, engineered wood flooring and rugs.  The RoboVac tackles all of them with ease.  I even gave it the ultimate test; the post play date clean!  Two four year olds, a 14 month old, and cake and crisps!  Whilst Little and I snuggled up for movie after our guests had gone home, the RoboVac did it’s thing and cleared up all evidence of the chaos.

The RoboVac has various settings:

  • Spot Clean
  • Edge Clean
  • Area Clean
  • Intense Clean

It gets under furniture easily for those hard to reach places.  And when it’s running low on power it takes itself back to its charging doc.  You can even set a schedule for it to clean set a set time. 


The RoboVac in it’s docking station


I thought maybe the RoboVac wouldn’t find its way everywhere, but it does.  I know this because the husband and I were kind of mesmerised by it.  We sat and watched it instead of Netflix!  I thought maybe it wouldn’t be powerful enough to pick up the cat hair and I would still have to run my upright round.  But I haven’t needed to use my upright since having the RoboVac.

It’s also surprisingly quiet.  The kids don’t moan that they can’t hear the TV when it’s on!  In fact the only person that doesn’t like the RoboVac in our house is the cat!



I have been raving about the RoboVac to anyone who will listen.  You can enter this giveaway  for your chance to win a RoboVac courtesy of eufy You can also get an exclusive 15% discount if you order the RoboVac between the 11th and 13th September, by using the code: vaptno4.  Click on this link.

And if that hasn’t enticed you enough, eufy are having a flash sale on the 17th September.  You can get £50 off the RoboVac 11 (200 pieces only) in black between 12am and 8am.  This is a limited offer.

Check out this little snippet of the RoboVac in action.  Yes that is Flop going for a ride.  And yes that is the Trolls movie you can hear in the background.



Terms and conditions of eufy RoboVac giveaway:

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2. Prizes:

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3. Giveaway starts on September 6th and ends on September 19th, 2018.

4. UK residents only.

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