I love walls full of pictures. I have a collection of prints that vary from pictures that have been passed down the generations, special pieces we bought to commemorate special occasions, pictures I just fell in love with, and pictures we have collected from our travels.

There are however two problems with having a picture obsession. One, I’ve run out of walls to hang them on. And two, I get bored of seeing the same thing easily. Especially with having spent so much time at home during the pandemic! Luckily I have found a solution. We now rotate our pictures every season so I no longer get board and can still add new pieces to our collection when I see something I love.

I was recently invited to work with Posterlounge, so given my obsession I jumped at the chance. I have been genuinely really impressed with what they have to offer.

The prints I chose from Posterlounge…

I chose some prints for my kitchen. We an area above the family notice board where I have three canvasses. So far, I have a Summer set and a Spring set, but wanted something with a more cosy feel for the Autumn months. I loved these chalk board style canvases. As recipes they go great in the kitchen, and they felt quite apt as Little often refers to the kitchen as a cafe! The kids have already asked me to make the cookies!


Links: Cookie Recipe, Peach Cobbler Recipe, Strawberry Shortcake Recipe.

The range

Posterlounge have a fantastic range of prints available. There is something for everyone’s taste and every room in your house. From classic prints by Monet and Van Gough, to abstract art, maps, movie posters and quotes. You can search by room type for inspiration, and select your favourites. It didn’t take me long to have a big selection of favourites to chose from!

Print sizes

The thing I love most about Posterlounge is the choice of size and materials. Every print comes in a range of sizes to suit your space. So many times I have seen a picture I like but it’s either too big or too small for the wall. With Posterlounge you can order the print to fit your size requirements because of the different sizes available for each print.

Prices vary depending on the material of your print, but this gives demonstrates the size range available.

Print materials

When it comes to the materials Posterlounge offer a range of different finishes for your chosen print. You can get a print with or without a frame, all the frames are hand built. Prints can be produced on canvas, or you can have your print produced on wood, aluminium or acrylic. They even produce the prints as wall stickers.

The quality

In addition to my kitchen canvases, I also ordered a large aluminium print for my garden. Yes you heard me, my garden. I have a small garden which we have slowly been doing up on a budget, and I wanted a piece of the seaside in the garden, so this print was perfect.

Posterlounge do not make prints specifically designed for outdoor use, but my plan is to have this hung in the summer months and store it in Winter.


I cannot convey in a photograph how amazing this print looks. The colours are beautiful and so vibrant. They really pop. It looks like an oil painting as the textures are so vivid. It’s a fantastic quality and right now is my favourite thing in my garden. I love it. It gives me all the joy. And as a bonus I can see it from the kitchen window when I am doing the washing up. I am already trying to think of somewhere I can hang an aluminium print inside the house!

Link: Monet, Path through the wheat at Pourville


Check them out…

There are so many more prints I want from Posterlounge. They even have some Christmas prints which I can’t wait to get my hands on.

Posterlounge deliver to anywhere in Europe.

I highly recommend Posterlounge if you are looking for some quality artwork for your home.

This post is sponsored by Posterlounge and I was gifted the prints. All views and opinions are my own.




Claire Kirby

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  1. We have just ran out of wall space after decorating and getting some new prints and I hadn’t thought of rotating the pictures every season. That is such a great idea.
    Those chalk board style canvases are gorgeous and I had never thought of getting one for the garden! That is just brilliant x

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