Kids television programs have been viewed in out house as a necessary evil.  Necessary so I can prepare dinner, attempt to clean something, respond to a message from my neglected friends, or even pee in peace.

Evil?  Evil due to the fact that any important information in my head (mainly related to any ability to do mental arithmetic) has been replaced by the names of the Paw Patrol characters.

Evil because I once watched Mr Bloom on loop for two whole days whilst my son had a fever.

Evil because spending the day (and a small fortune) at Peppa Pig Word with the theme tune on loop can send you batty.  

Evil because Topsy & Tim’s smug face mummy makes me want to throw things at the TV.  

Evil because I have had to sing the Raa Raa theme tune over and over again on a very busy coach because my toddler insisted.  

Evil because it makes me ponder ridiculous things such as whether Fireman Sam was always ginger, and is Norman Price his secret love child?  

You get the picture.

However thanks to Netflix I have found a kids program that I genuinely enjoy watching with them.

Allow me to introduce you to Beat Bugs.


High quality animation, cute characters, and songs from the Beatles.  It makes a refreshing change to get a song stuck in your head from a kids program that doesn’t make you want to rip your own ears off.  I’m sorry Doctor Ranj, you maybe a guilty pleasure but having the poo song on loop in my head were dark dark days.

“Where does your poo come from, why does it stop, stay in your bottom, and not make a plop?” 

The Beatles songs are covered by artists such as Sia, Pink, Robbie Williams, Rod Stewert and James Corden (another guilty pleasure).

It’s a kids program for the whole family and it’s awesome.



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