I am so excited.  Seriously I haven’t been this excited since I saw Jason Donovan at the Radio One Road Show circa 1990 and screamed until I passed out.

Only ten more sleeps until four brand new 90 minute episodes of Gilmore Girls hits Neftlix. Do not call me on Friday 25th November, I will be otherwise engaged.

This is me right now.

The first seven series of Netflix got me through the newborn stage with my first born.  And I watched them all again when I had my second son.  And let me tell you that is some dedication.  Series one to seven is 114.75 hours of binge watching.

Lorelai and Rory will soon be back in our lives, 10 years on from the original series.  Probably still fuelled by cafine.  Fun fact: Lorelai and Rory consumed 503 cups of coffee between them in the first seven series.

Here are my top 5 reasons to love Gilmore Girls…


1 Sooki St James

AKA The brilliantly funny Melissa McCarthy.


2 Life Advice

The life advice and one liners in Gilmore Girls are rules to live by people…


3 The Moments We’ll Never Forget

First Your laughing…

Then you’re crying…


4 The Arguments

Over really important stuff…

And then there’s knowing how to win an argument with a single look…


5 The Residents of Stars Hollow

Everyone knows a Dave Kirk.  


And a bonus reason….

We all love a happy ending.

The will they, won’t they, you made me a Santa burger, c’mon already, and finally…



Oh go on then, one more Sookie moment…


If you can’t wait another 10 sleeps check out this sneak peek of what’s to come…


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