The Nampa characters are back for more fun and games!

Nampa App


Nampa Forrest


If you haven’t seen the Nampa Forest app you can read my review and interview with Sara Vilkko, the creator here.



Today Nampa are launching a brand new app: Nampa Tivoli.  It’s the same fun characters but with 6 new games to play.



The big one loves the Nampa apps, and I find them a lifesaver in those situations where boredom is setting in and the small people are running out of patience, or you just need them to stop asking you embarrassing questions about the other patients in the doctors waiting room.


Nampa App

Nampa App










There are so many reasons why Nampa is my favourite app for kids.


Firstly it’s the colourful design and fun nature of the game.  There’s nothing violent or age inappropriate for me to be worried about.


Secondly, I love the fact that the games are short, I don’t have to barter with the devil big one about how much time he has left.  I can say, “one more game” and know that in a few minutes the game will be finished.


The games themselves are varied and draw upon different skills.  The hand and eye co-ordination required for each game varies in difficulty, but all of them are achievable for little hands.  Some games are creative, some have a clear goal, and all of them are fun.  It’s very intuitive.  The big one figured out how to play most of them by himself, and the ones that he needed help with he got to grips with very quickly.


My absolute favourite thing about both the Nampa apps is that compared to other games, I never hear the sounds of frustration when things aren’t going his way.  The main noise I hear when he is playing this game is uncontrollable giggles.


I also really appreciate that the app has no advertising and I can trust that no one is going to click on anything that will result in me spending more money, or signing me up to a years subscription for a craft magazine.  I totally suck at crafts.


Nampa App

Nampa App










As the app is clearly aimed at children (although I think it’s really fun myself) I asked the big one a few questions…


Which was your favourite game?

The one with the buckets of water.  That was good.  But I liked all of them.


Which is your favourite character?

The penguin.


What is the best bit about the game?

When you drop the ice cream and it goes splat on the floor (giggling).  That’s so funny.

2015-11-21 13.17.39

What is the worst bit about the game?

Ummm Nothing.  It’s all good.


What score would you give Nampa Tivoli out of 10?



Is there anything else you would like to say about the game?

Yes.  Children should ask their mummy’s and daddy’s to get it on their phones.



So it’s a big thumbs up from the big one.


Nampa App


Nampa Tivoli is available to download today for £2.29 for both iOS and Android.  Check out the trailer for yourself.




You can also follow Nampa on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news:


This is a paid review, all opinions are my own (and the big one’s).


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  1. I haven’t heard of these apps before but I definitely think they would be a hit with my big 2! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. Wow! That’s some score! I’m going to show T the video and see if it’s something he’d like for our road trip at the weekend. Thanks for sharing with ##toddlerapprovedtuesday x

  3. I’m always pleased to see apps which are available on android as my own children have Hudls. The images look great.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

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