The genius behind Nampa Forest and Nampa Tivoli are back with a new app for the under fives called Nampa Holiday.

Nampa Holiday

If you are not familiar with the Nampa apps, they are fantastic games for kids.  Although aimed at the under fives, my big one who is 6 loves them, and I prefer them to a lot of the games aimed at his age group because there is no violence.  He doesn’t get frustrated when playing them.  He just giggles lots!

Nampa Holiday

All the Nampa apps feature the same fun characters.  The games only last a short time so “one more game Mummy” is actually easy to agree to, and there are no arguments!  There are no adverts or in app purchases, so no danger of any unexpected downloads!  All the games end with disco dancing, there is no point scoring, and everyone is a winner.  The games themselves are intuitive and fun.  I actually really enjoy testing them myself.

Nampa Holiday

Nampa Holiday begins by giving you a choice of transport options.  You can fly the plane through the clouds, direct the train which route to take, or my personal favourite, decorate the bus, and then drive to your holiday destination picking up other passengers en-route.

Nampa Holiday

Once you have arrived at your destination there are 5 games to play…

  • Sun Cream: Apply sun-cream to the characters and choose their clothes and accessories.
  • Beach Balls: Spin the swimming characters until they pop the beach balls.
  • Sand Castles: Build and decorate your own sandcastles
  • Banana Boat: Can you make the jumps?
  • Flumes: Where will they land? 


Nampa Holiday

Nampa holiday is perfect for those parenting moments when you need the kids to concentrate on something, in order for you to concentrate on something else.  Like trying to find your own holiday destination in the car without constant interruptions of “are we nearly there yet.”  

As you’ve probably gathered, from a parents point of view, I love the Nampa apps, and Nampa Holiday is my favourite so far.  But the opinion that counts far more than mine is the kids, so the verdict from the big one…

This game is amazing and really funny.  It’s the best game I’ve ever played because it’s hilarious.

Nampa Holiday

Nampa Holiday is launched today for the IOS and is available for £2.29.  Download it today by clicking here.  For your chance to win a free download enter the competition below.

Nampa Forest and Nampa Tivoli are available on both IOS and Android.  You can read my interview with the Sara Vilkko, the creator of Nampa, and my reviews of the previous apps by clicking on the images below.

Nampa Holiday Nampa Holiday




Nampa Holiday App Free IOS Download



I was compensated for my time to write this review.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own (and the big one’s)


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