Nothing in my life has made me feel more of a grown up than when we had a new kitchen fitted. The process itself was painful. There was a lot of dust. A broken boiler (in the middle of winter). Oh, and a severe case of D&V at the exact time when we had no running water or flushing toilets.

But! I can look back on it all and laugh now, mainly because I am head over heels in love with my new kitchen.

My favourite part of any decorating project is always the finishing touches.

We had a fairly large wall space in the kitchen where we had notice boards which contain my life. I would be lost without my planners! I also had a hanging rail for some plants and some canvas pictures. But it left an odd space that I have been trying to find something to fill.

kitchen prints

That’s where Desenio came in. I decided to go with a picture rail in the view that I get bored quickly and like to change the look of things. This way I can change the kitchen prints or the frames without the husband needing to get his toolkit out, or putting lots of holes in our freshly plastered walls.

kitchen prints

I loved these fun summery prints. Especially as in the summer months my kids primary source of food is ice cream!

Exploring the Desenio site is a bit like disappearing down a rabbit hole.

There are so many amazing prints available in lots of sizes. With categories ranging from animals to vintage and all sorts in between. I searched kitchen prints for this selection and was spoilt for choice.

What I like best is that they are great value. You know me, I love a bargain. These frames and prints combined cost under £25. And now I have the frames, I can change the look by ordering new prints for less than £12

  • Watermelon Ice Cream poster (5×7) £3.95
  • Ice Cream Pattern Poster (5×7) £3.95
  • Sprinkle Ice Cream Poster (5×7) £3.95
  • White Frames (5×7) £3.95 each

When Summer disappears and ice cream is no longer on the menu, I wanted to create a different look so chose these black and white kitchen prints.

kitchen prints

The frames from Desenio are great value too. I’ve often been caught out by finding a print I like then finding the frame to go with it is ridiculously expensive. So I don’t get the frame, then realise the print is an odd size and I can’t find an alternative frame to fit. You don’t have to worry about that with Desenio. The frames are great quality and affordable. My only criticism is there isn’t a huge choice of colours.

kitchen prints
  • Bon Appetit Text (5×7) £3.95
  • Pineapple B&W Poster (5×7) £3.95
  • Dancing Poster (5×7) £3.95
kitchen prints

We are decorating our lounge next year and I will definitely be opting for picture rails and going to Desenio for my prints and frames.

No longer do I need to worry about running out of walls in my house!

I can change things up regularly and create different looks without spending a fortune, or getting the hammer out.

It’s easy to store all the extra prints inside the frames so they don’t get damaged or lost in that ‘safe place’. And I can start a new game of how many days before the Husband notices I have changed the pictures!

Basically Desenio is my new favourite place to shop.

Desenio have kindly given my readers 25% off prints for a limited time. Visit the website and use the code DIRTYDISHES.

My code “DIRTYDISHES” gives 25% off prints* on all Desenio sites between 4th and 6th June (midnight London time). Follow @desenio for more inspiration!
*Except for frames and handpicked-/collaboration/personalised prints

These are a selection of the prints and frames I ordered from Desenio:

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The prints I chose were gifted by Desenio and I was compensated for my time. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Creating two different looks in my kitchen with prints and frames from Desenio




Claire Kirby

11 Comments on Kitchen Prints with Desenio

  1. I love Desenio! We ordered some frames and prints for my eldest daughter’s bedroom earlier this year. They have so many designs to choose from. I want to get some for our bathroom soon, so I will have to have a look.

  2. Oh my! I love love love these!!

    We’ve bought some of those frame shelves, I love the idea of simply changing them over as and when without the wall damage.

    I’m heading over to their site right now to check them out. I love them x

  3. Those prints are gorgeous. They go really well in your kitchen. I do like the ice cream one’s.
    We’re moving house at the end of the month and Desenio is somewhere I will be looking at when we decorate x

  4. Good idea! I designed some ice cream prints for the summer, and have been putting something else in the frames the rest of the year, but this is much easier than switching out the frames all the time!

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