I am always slightly suspicious of parents who say their kids eat organic healthy meals 100% of the time.  I mean we all strive to feed our kids healthy meals, to make sure they eat their fruit and veg, and to limit their sugar intake.  But some days I resort to chucking something ‘beige’ in the oven.

There are always days when things don’t go to plan.  It’s on these days that we normally arrive home with very hungry (and probably hangry!) kids, that the healthy options go out of the window.  With the big one, my conscience is eased by the fact that he has had a healthy school dinner, but little had one bite of a cheese sandwich for lunch before throwing his plate on the floor and demanding a biscuit.  I feel the mum guilt.  Chicken nuggets are not going to do anything to appease it.

Little Dish however can.  Little Dish have been making healthy food for children for 10 years and they have just launched Little Dish Pots and Pies.


Image of little Dish pots and Pies


These are rice and pasta pots including, lasagne, chicken curry, and chicken and veg risotto, and mash topped pies like fish pie and shepherds pie to name a few.

The meals are made with 100% natural ingredients, and contain only British meat and sustainably sourced fish.  They are the only chilled toddler meals in the shops that contain no added sugar or salt.  The meals tick the healthy nutrition box.

And you can cook them in the microwave in three minutes.  So they tick the we’re running late, it’s been one of those days, the kids are starving, mummy friendly box.


Little Dish Image


Little Dish kindly sent us some pots and pies to try.  Now in the interest of honesty and life with a toddler, I have to admit the first meal didn’t go to well.  Toddlers!  One day something is their favourite, the next day it is “yuck!” or “NO!”.  I made (technically heated up) the chicken and veg risotto.  It smelt amazing.  However the little one was having none of it!  Airplanes, bribery, yummy noises, nothing worked.  His mouth was permanently clamped shut and he shook his head every time I attempted to get him to eat it.


Little Dish Chicken & Veg Risotto


It was probably a rookie mistake on my part to try and give a toddler something new to try. Our second attempt was a firm family favourite, pasta bolognese.  This was wolfed down with no objections.  As was the fish pie and the mild beef chilli.  So all in all the meals were a huge success with a toddler who changes his mind as often as I change his nappy.


Collage of images of toddler eating Little Dish Pots and Pies


I found the meals to be quite large portions and was able to make two meals from the one pot. The little one has always been more of a grazer though.  


Mild Beef Chilli


For me the meals are perfect for the days when the big one has after school clubs and we get home bang on tea time.  They are a nutritious healthy meal that can be served up quickly.

The meals are priced at £2.30 each and are available from all major supermarkets in the chilled meals aisle.  Visit littledish.co.uk for more information.


Little Dish Pots and Pies Image 1


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