Let me tell you a story about a horse.

Growing up, I lived in the New Forest. The New Forest is famous for the New Forest ponies. Horses roaming the forest are a common sight. Many a traffic jam has been caused by a stubborn horse in the middle of the road! And a fair few picnics have been invaded by them too!

The Husband and I were driving home late one night across the forest. Even the speediest of boy racers living in the New Forest knows that you drive through the forest with caution. Especially at night as horses are often on the roads.

On this particular night we could see a large shape looming in the road ahead. As we approached we realised it was a horse led on it’s back in the middle of the road with it’s legs pointing towards the sky. It was an odd sight. We slowed right down and cautiously drove around him. He was massive. But he didn’t move.

We were concerned that the horse was injured, to be honest we were pretty sure it was dead. And we were concerned that he might cause an accident. We pulled over and called the police. The police arrived and put cones around the poor horse, who still had not moved, and we carried on our journey.

Petplan Equine New Forest ponies

When we got home the husband had a call from a New Forest Ranger asking for a description of the horse. Somewhat confused the husband said “It was brown and er, ummm a horse”. I’m not sure what more description we could have given. The horse didn’t really have any distinguishing features, apart from the fact it was dead in the road.

Except it turns out the horse had just been having a snooze. He had got up and wondered off. The ranger was trying to track him to ensure there were no injuries, but it didn’t seem likely as there were no vehicles involved.

Why am I telling you this story about a horse?

I was contacted by Petplan Equine and asked to be involved in their dream horse campaign. This meant Big got to design his own horse which was then made into a cuddly toy.

So in his own words, this is Big’s dream horse…

child's drawing of a horse for Petplan Equine

“Thank you so much for the amazing horse you designed for me! I am having so much fun playing with it. Designing it was good but hard to think of though. I tried 1 time and it wasn’t the best so I tried again and it was perfect. It is known as the Power Horse because of all the weapons and protection it has on its back.”

Petplan Equine. Image of boy with toy horse and drawing of toy horse

“The Power Horse is my dream horse because if it was a real horse I would have it to be my protection and for it to be loyal to me like a Pokemon does. Maybe it could be used to help the police catch crooks and fight off enemies and nightmares so then I would never have them again.”

Petplan Equine

“It has poisonous spikes to keep its energy and help it stay alive and as you’ve guessed they also fight the enemy. The buttons are used for ultra weaponry and even more protection!

Thank you so much it is exactly like my design. Feel the power with Power Horse!!!”

I think it’s pretty evident that Big loves his dream horse.

It’s pretty magical to watch your child’s face when they see their drawing come to life. I was really impressed with both the quality and how much it looked like his drawing.

Now this horse would have been easier to describe to the New Forest Ranger! I hope that horses owner had horse insurance from Petplan Equine.

About Petplan Equine

Petplan Equine make it their priority to keep the nations horses healthy and their owners happy. In 1194 Petplan formed the Petplan Charitable Trust and have so far raised over seven million pounds towards a better and healthier world for animals.

Thanks to Petplan Equine for inviting us to be part of this campaign. This is a sponsored post but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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