Dear people of the Gro Company,

I am writing to thank-you.  I thought after the ‘Gro-bag’ I couldn’t be anymore indebted to your Company.  A beautifully simple invention that not only makes sleeping safer, but offers parents everywhere the chance of uninterrupted sleep whilst our little ones stay warm and cosy in the land of nod.  What parent doesn’t love you?

That however isn’t the reason I wish to thank-you.  I am a Mummy with clown feet.  Not in a circus show freaky kind of way. My feet themselves are in fact actually quite small.  I’m a size 4.  But I have this problem where my feet take on a mind of their own when they are in close proximity to any furniture.  They don’t seem equipped with any in-built sensors for furniture because they very regularly collide with the stuff resulting in what is called a ‘stubbed toe’.  Now having been victim of a ‘stubbed toe’ on a pretty much daily basis, I feel the term ‘stubbed toes’ do not do the injury, or indeed the pain inflicted any kind of justice.  I’m talking stop you in your tracks and make you want to scream words you shouldn’t say in front of small children or your mother, kind of pain.

My risk of ‘stubbed toe’ is dramatically increased when entering the baby’s room at night.  It’s dark.  Furniture seems to move from where I know it is supposed to be.  Injuries occur.  ‘Why don’t you turn on the light?’ I hear people say.  Well, when it’s two in the morning and you are blurry from sleep turning on the light blinds you as much as the dark and gives your baby the impression it’s time to play peek a boo and sleep is done for the night.  Not good.  For anyone.

But thankfully for me you have invented something beautifully simple to save my clown feet.  The Grolight.Night Light.  This tiny little invention fits to my bayonet light fitting and means when I switch the light on in the baby’s room a soft delicate glow fills the room.  It allows me to see the furniture (and of course the baby) and doesn’t wake the baby (If said baby is awake it helps to convince them it’s an ungodly hour to be up).  WIn!  WIn!  Win!  I really do love it.

So I thank-you for yet another wonderful invention.  And more importantly my toes thank-you.  I can’t wait for your next invention.  A cure for teething would be wonderful, just in case you are stuck for ideas.

With kind Regards

Clown Feet Mummy

Please note this is not me. I am not that glamorous during the day, let alone in the middle of the night.

The Gro company sent us this product to review and I really do love it.  You can read all about the product’s features and benefits and purchase it for a very reasonable £17.99 here…

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