We have just survived over two weeks of captivity as the boys got back to back Chickenpox. You can read my funny post about life in The Chickenpox House to see how we survived. Before chickenpox invaded and took over my house, I knew very little about it. So here are my 9 crucial things you need to know about Chickenpox.

Personally I think you should be given a Chickenpox fact sheet when you leave the hospital with your newborn, along with a detailed booklet on poonamis, nits, removing peas from nostrils, and how to scoop poo out of the bath.  You know, all the essential things that no one ever tells you.

9 Crucial Things You Need To Know About Chickenpox

1 The Contagious Period

Chickenpox is contagious until all of the spots have scabbed over which can take 5-10 days after they first appear.  Chickenpox is easily spread and it is important to protect people that the virus can be dangerous for such as pregnant women, newborn babies, and those with a weakened immune system.  Of course the kicker is that the contagious period starts 2 days before the spots appear, so chances are you will find yourself making an apologetic phone call to the parents who hosted a birthday party where your child spread the virus like wildfire.

2 Dr Google Should Come With a Warning

You will spend a lot of time scratching your head and wondering if it is Chickenpox. Especially if you’ve never seen Chickenpox before.  That’s when google becomes your best friend and enemy in equal measure.  There to offer reassurance, and make you vom in your mouth at all the pictures.  

3 Shingles and Chickenpox

I was always led to believe that as an adult you can catch shingles from Chickenpox.  But this is a myth.  You can catch Chickenpox from shingles if you have never had them, but you cannot catch shingles from Chickenpox.  Which makes sense really, because otherwise parents everywhere would be breaking out in shingles whilst taking care of their spotty small people.  For more information and to convince your relatives who are treating you like you have the plague, check out the NHS website.

4 The Spots 

In between fingers, on toes, on eyelids, in the mouth, on the scalp.  There is literally no place safe from the spots.  My youngest was covered from head to toe.  What no one warned me about was how long the spots take to go.  Once the scabs have fallen off they leave a red mark and these can take months to disappear.  

5 Ibuprofen

Ibuprofen can make people with Chickenpox very ill.  Use infant paracetamol instead.

6 Treatment

The only thing I knew about Chickenpox before my boys got it was to treat it with calamine lotion.  Urggh, the smell! Especially when you spill half a bottle on the carpet.  Such fun! However Calamine did nothing at all to help my youngest who did not know what to do with himself, and hadn’t slept for three days.  Our pharmacist recommended ViraSoothe, and it worked wonders.  It’s a cooling gel and it’s not messy or smelly like calamine.   

7 Chickenpox Can Increase Your Wine Intake

Confined to the house.  Cbeebies on ALL day.  A bored child and a clingy child.  Issuing “Don’t scratch” orders every eleven seconds.  Oh and did I mention three nights of NO sleep.  Keep the fridge stocked!

8 Other People’s Reactions

Once the spots have scabbed over and you get your freedom back, you and your tribe will literally be racing for the front door.  However, although they have scabbed over and are no longer contagious, the spots are still very evident.  This means people will either cross the road to avoid you, or ask if your child can lick theirs so they can get the Chickenpox over and done with.

9 You Don’t Get a Medal

You absolutely deserve one for surviving the ordeal.  There’s not even a badge.  I think it’s some kind of parenting right of passage.  It’s one of those things you and your partner will talk about when you are old, “do you remember when…”  

If you have survived the Chickenpox ordeal, congratulations.  Here’s a badge…

I'm a survivor chickenpox badge

Bonus info

Chickenpox has nothing to with chickens!!!

Care ViraSoothe is a clinically proven[1] cooling gel which helps to cool and soothe the distressing symptoms of chickenpox. Unlike calamine lotion or antihistamines, Care ViraSoothe is specifically formulated to break the itch, scratch, infection cycle by rapidly calming the persistent itch.

Care ViraSoothe is non-messy, can be easily applied all over the body and face and is suitable for children over 6 months of age. It should be applied 2-3 times a day, or whenever relief is needed. Available from pharmacies and supermarkets nationwide.

If you would like to know more about Chickenpox watch this short video courtesy of ViraSoothe.


This post is sponsored by ViraSoothe.  I cannot recommend this product highly enough.  I just wanted to ease my son’s obvious discomfort and distress and would have tried anything.  The many things I did try, did not work.  ViraSoothe did.  It helped my son and saved my sanity!


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