It’s hard work being a kid.  Having people there to take care of your every desire.  Serve you food for you to turn your nose up at.  Take you fun places for you to have meltdowns.  Give you money to buy yourself sweets and toys.  

Apart from the obvious not having to go to work and pay the bills, there is a never ending list of things kids do that adults wish they could do too.  So here are my thoughts, and those of some fellow bloggers too…


things kids do that adults wish they could do too


Get a chocolate coin every time I managed to crap in the toilet or wipe my own arse.  Brummy Mummy of 2


Running around naked when it’s damn hot. Motherhood: The Real Deal


Run without breaking a sweat.


I just wish I could get rewarded with ice cream for eating all my vegetables.  You the Daddy


I wish I could rock wearing an Elsa dress with wellies to do the food shop. Island Living 365


Feel wide awake and sprightly at 6am in the morning.


Licking all the jam out of a plate of jammie biscuits. And then putting them back. Rhyming With Wine


Going into a restaurant and chucking my dinner on the floor because it was under seasoned.  It’s a Drama!


Ride a scooter everywhere and it not look a bit odd.


things kids do


Stare at strangers in the street, point at them and loudly shout “what’s that there.” A Slice of My Life Wales


Sing and dance with complete abandon (and no alcohol).


Not having to think about my diet, or whether I’m going to get fat if I eat that doughnut.  Beta Mummy


Shouting inappropriate comments in the street to strangers and then smiling and laughing, while you walk off. DIY Daddy


Face plant into a chocolate cake.


things kids do


People encourage me to have naps and are impressed when I do… if only! Twinderelmo


Have 6 weeks off every summer.


I wish I could see the world with the same kind of innocent wide-eyed wonder that they do, rather than the more world-weary eyes of an adult. That, and being able to run around the garden naked in summer.  Slouching Towards Thatcham


Get carried or put in a pushchair when tired. Hannah Spannah


Shout loudly if you don’t like something.


Those growbags look soooooo comfy and at least my hubby wouldn’t be able to steal the covers. Maflingo


Cry because they’re tired and it be perfectly normal. Tots & Tantrums


Have grandparents around to spoil them.


I would love to be able to laze around playing games and watching cartoons all afternoon as opposed to cleaning, cooking and being the slave-snack master. Mumzilla


Dress up as Batman everyday. 


things kids do


I want a treat every time I do a ‘PooInDaLoo’ Sinead Latham


Be praised and rewarded for doing chores.


Spending a whole day on the floor of your bedroom surrounded by Lego building impossible cars. Living UnPlugged


Have a ton of toys and stationery from our favourite TV program and not be considered a nerd.


Eat chocolate when I’m being naughty to keep me quiet Ankle Biters Adventures


Puke on someone and them not be mad.  They even clean it up for you.


I’d love to lie back and get someone to dress me. Obvs at this age I’d feel more comfortable doing my undies myself but apart from that! So Happy In Town


I would love to be pushed around in a buggy whenever my legs got tired and I didn’t want to walk anymore! Something About Baby


things kids do

things kids do

I love the pure bluntness of kids. My daughter (4) will quite often very politely ask guests why they’ve been in our house for so long and enquire when they intend to leave! Dad Geek




Having snacks and drinks arriving all the time. Katy Kicker


To giggle until I get the hiccups.


Be pushed around in a shopping trolley when I go food shopping. Sophie’s Nursery


Be that flexible again! Kids bodies just bend and flip and do cartwheels and crabs so easily. Emma Reed


Fall asleep in the car and wake up in bed. Soph-obsessed


Look forward to getting older!


The ability to nap whenever I want. I only get the luxury of 1 afternoon nap per day… The Dadventurer



Just stop and sit down on the floor when I am fed up of shopping. Just Average Jen


Have all my clothes washed & ironed for me. Casa Costello


Eat chocolate, cake and crisps and not put weight on! Nelc3


Make a best friend by simply asking someone their name.


I’d love someone to spoon feed me calpol every time my nose runs! Mouse, Moo And Me Too


I wish I could call people in to the bathroom to check out my poo’s! The Dad Network


Turn into a tornado, make a massive mess in the living room, throw food around whilst eating…and have someone else clean it all up! That British Betty


Being pushed around in a pushchair like it’s a chariot. Mum Muddling Through


Going to the shops dressed as a dragon? My son did that yesterday. And people thought it was ‘cute’ not ‘weird’. Whinge, Whinge, Wine


What about you?  Any you would add to the list of things kids do that you wish you could do too?

things kids do

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