We need a new sofa.

Ours is thirteen years old and has seen better days.

When you choose a sofa you look at the style, the colour, the comfort. How it is going to fit in your living room. It’s only when you come to get rid of that sofa that you lovingly chose all those years ago, do you think of what that sofa actually means to you. The life it has seen in your home. And you get a tad sentimental and sappy about your trusty old sofa.


Our sofa was the first we bought for our new home. When there was just two of us. It has seen many movies. Many hours were lost to watching Lost. Many tears were shed watching Brothers & Sisters. Many ‘just one more episode’ moments during a Netflix binge that we would live to regret the following morning.

It was the sofa my mum was sat on when I told her I was pregnant. The sofa that I heaved myself out of when I was in labour to go to the hospital. The sofa I sat on for hours on end nursing my babies, wishing I hadn’t left the remote just out of my reach!

Its the sofa that my children’s little hands clung to as they pulled themselves up to stand for the first time. The sofa that I sat on to cuddle those children when the inevitable bumps came. It’s the sofa that they led on whilst I stroked their heads when they were poorly.

The same sofa that received an apology from a toddler and a good scrub from me after an incident with a green felt tip pen.

It’s a sofa that has been bounced on and vomited on. It’s hard cars driven across and has been turned into a boat surrounded by sharks in a stormy see.

It has seen Christmas and birthday presents torn open. It has been the place for cuddles and tickles and stories. Deep and meaningful conversations, difficult conversations, hilarious conversations.

It has been a place of sanctuary after stressful days. A place to rest after busy days. A place to chill on PJ days.

The sofa may be old. The seats are sagging. The colour has faded. They style may not be on trend. But it’s a timeless classic when it comes to my family.


This blog post is an entry to a habitat competition as part of their furniture for life campaign.

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